Apocalypse Survival: Full NPD December 2012 Videogame Sales Figures and Analysis

2012 comes to a close as hardware sales fall 20% and software 26% over last year. Full December and year-end software tallies as reported by The NPD Group.

With the Xbox 360 leading the pack, how did the Wii U and PS Vita fare over their first holiday season? Full analysis and commentary by Peter Skerritt.

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mochachino1887d ago

Worldwide sales are what matter most, how come no major company like NDP does worldwide.

crazy_man1887d ago

For NDP its easy cause it is one country.

Japan has Media Create and they are just as good as NDP, only they do weekly sales.

Why do you think Europe's numbers are so much harder to track? Minus the UK, you don't see many dedicated trackers in Europe. You might get some sales data from Germany, France, Spain, and Italy every once and a while but its still doesn't cover the rest of Europe accurately

flyingmunky1887d ago

Basically proof that it is getting close to time for another generation of hardware.

Dno1887d ago

and proof that steam downloads and other download services are actually taking a share. NPD needs to track downloads.

calis1887d ago

I doubt they are able to do that. I can't see them having that kind of access, it would only be Microsoft and Sony with that information.

RogueStatus281887d ago

No numbers from Sony, again.