February’s Most Anticipated Games

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''February is packed full of top titles from big franchises, but there’s also some lesser known releases. The staff at Gamer Euphoria look towards next month’s releases and select their most anticipated game.''

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Julie1616d ago

I'll take Two Ni No Kunis ty very much!

kalkano1616d ago

Fire Emblem: Awakening

SactoGamer1616d ago

Ni No Kuni comes out on January 22nd.

GamerEuphoria1616d ago

Nope, it was delayed till the first of feb due to logistic reasons.

SactoGamer1616d ago

"This item will be released on January 22, 2013."

rextraordinaire1615d ago

In North America, we have it in our hands today! Held my own copy in my hands yesterday while at work (video game store).

Only Europe has to wait. Sad for them. :/

GamerEuphoria1615d ago

Go and check the Namco Bandi site. They released a tweet along with a post stating a delay till the 1st of February. I'd advise against using retailers as a means to track release dates over the publisher.

SactoGamer1615d ago

I did my research about the Jan 22nd release of Ni No Kuni. I even bought my copy today on my way into work.

GamerEuphoria1614d ago

Not in Europe you didn't...not everyone lives in the US buddy...

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TobliilboT1615d ago

heres to your Delay dude just bought my preorder of Ni No Kuni : Wrath of the white Witch at Game stop with Tin Collectors Edition Case here in Canada its on the Shelves

GamerEuphoria1615d ago

Awaiting on the Ni No Kuni The Wizards Edition here :(