NVIDIA Reportedly Preparing GeForce Titan GPU With GK110 Core – Arrives in February at $899

NVIDIA is preparing one specific GeForce class GPU known as the GeForce Titan which would be available to consumers by the end of February at a price tag of $899 US.

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ATi_Elite1883d ago

Based off the Tesla design which is for crunching numbers and rendering CAD work and stuff.

This card is really not for gaming!

zebramocha1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Good to know,going by the title,I thought this was the rumored gtx 685.

Pain_Killer1883d ago

The GK104 is used in both Tesla K10 and GeForce GTX 690/680/670/660Ti.

The chip isn't built specifically for Compute purposes, its NVIDIA who would decide what purpose the chip should be optimized for.

GF110 Fermi architecture was used on both Tesla M2090 and GTX 580. Remind me if the GF110 was only good at Compute or gaming.

bryam19821883d ago

899$ this is why i wont get into pc gaming they make new videocards every 6 months and they are way expensive than a console and also the exclusive that i get whit my ps3 like ni no kuni tomorrow yupiiii

evilsooty1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

If the rumour is true then this will be the most powerful single GPU card available when it comes out, hence the price. There is no need to have one however, but if you have the money to spare it would be nice.

A $100 dollar GPU will blow the PS3 out of the water and last you many years as you can simply turn the graphics options down on any new releases accordingly. You don't need to buy a new GPU every six months unless you simply must have the latest and greatest thing.

FlameBaitGod1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )


Ur comment is so dumb I don't know how to address it. Where to start... This cards focus is for programmers who use maya or similar programs for processing high definition visuals. Second, Video cards don't arrive every 6 months. Third, you can get better performance PC that what a console cost when it comes out. Fourth, PC has a lot of exclusives too, they just don't do major adds or any what so ever.

N0S3LFESTEEM1883d ago

This is going to be a gk110 release with 85% of the power of a 690. That stock photo is really misleading making you think it's going to be a tesla release but the branding is different so it's not going to be strictly for making renders though it looks promising as the solution for both worlds. It's obviously going to be tuned for developers considering they can render the scene using a majority of the number crunching power then jump right in and do real world testing without sending it out to another rig...

On another note anyone knocking PC gaming, saying that it's too expensive and you always have to upgrade are dead wrong. It's only expensive if you want the newest most cutting edge equipment on the market but if you make that investment at first then you'll be set for a couple years before you even have to think about upgrading. It's getting to the point that even a budget build can keep up with the gaming scene which seems a little stagnant now considering 360/ps3 are still the dominant development platforms. Once the new consoles come out I think anyone with at least a 560 will be ok... once they start cranking out new engines that make use of the added power that the PC already has and the new consoles should introduce then everyone who's made their rig within the past 2 years will finally start seeing what they can actually do... and not just those unoptimized effects that zap framerates and do nothing to the picture.

PurpHerbison1883d ago

Whatever happened to "To each their own". The comment wasn't necessarily dumb at all. You could have left that line out completely and followed up with the level headed clarification that you did. OR not even replied for the fact that he/she could completely be a troll. The comment sections are already bad enough.

Farsendor11883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

hahahaha us pc gamers don't have to buy new graphic cards every 6 months. i still have 2 6970s and they still play almost everything on ultra.

frustrates me to no end when people say you have to buy the newest graphic cards which is not true.

and those same people will go out and buy a new apple product ever year thats 500-1,000$

and other posters have gotten it right this is no gaming card.

NYC_Gamer1883d ago

Does that mean you have to buy a new gpu every six months?no it doesn't..It's all customer choice if wanna upgrade or not...I'm still rocking the 570 and doing great on all the latest games..

jmc88881882d ago

The great thing about PC's is you have the CHOICE of when you want to upgrade, and by how much of a bump.

With consoles (which I buy as well) you are locked into the same one for 5-7 years or so. Also with PC, if something goes bad, you replace the part.

With my 360, I had a RROD...sent in for repairs. Disc scratch issue...sent in for repairs. A HD fail. Now my drive only reads certain games, and the rest won't work. My Halo 4 disc is worthless to me, and quite frankly I'm just going to wait until the 720 comes out to play it through backwards compatibility.

I had an ATI 5850. Was a good card. Didn't need to upgrade, but when I saw how much better the GTX 670 was at the very affordable $399 price point (far better than the $999-1099 GTX 690 price), it was a slam dunk upgrade.

I'm fine until at least Star Citizen comes out. I'll judge around then, which should be the GTX 8 series after Maxwell or ATI equivalent.

Dasteru1882d ago

I built my rig almost 3 years ago and it still runs everything completely maxed out.

Even when i built it, it wasn't using the best parts available.

Single GTX470
AMD Phenom II 965
8GB DDR3 1333mhz

All stock clocks.

Currently playing Far Cry 3 completely maxed out

Ultra settings
8x AA

Averaging between 40-45fps

kainslayer1882d ago

570 rules especially when oced!!! i wish though for a gk110 equivalent of a 770

Pain_Killer1883d ago

Stick with your consoles using entry level current generation GPUs.

As per the current rumors, a Xbox 720 comes with HD 7770 level GPU which is something to lol at.

And on PC, the choice of upgrade depends on the user. That is the best thing about PC and has always been. The choice to upgrade along your budget. You don't need the Titan to run games on PC, any mid-range GPU would run games better than the consoles offering.

If you think PC is all technical and just isn't for you, than keep yourself out of these discussions.

MikEyG1883d ago

Yeah well don't forget that pc has a demanding OS and a lot of the extra power goes to runnin that,while last gen console's are way behind when compared to pc,I believe if the ps orbis really does ship with what they're speculating including the 4 gigs of GDDR5 ram than us console gamer's are in for a treat.

jmc88881882d ago


You forget that console too are creating demanding OS'es. That's why they are reserving 2-3 GB's of ram for them.

You can't use GDDR5 as ram. GDDR is not DDR. It behaves differently. It's like comparing a gas engine to a diesel engine.

Last gen the consoles were more powerful than the PC at that time. They even had some features that didn't make it in the graphics card lines for a couple more years.

Graphics cards are quite different now as compared to them, plus PC's have the ability to run 2 or 3 of them. Not only that but each single card can have dual gpu's, and you can SLI/Crossfire those as well.

So instead of the consoles basically being cutting edge, they will be below a medium range PC when they launch.

They will all be fun, and be a good leap from 360/PS3. My personal thoughts are that they do not meet my requirements for a 'next gen', but neither do top end PC's meet that requirement. I still think we're about 2-3 years away for that on the PC side.

But gaming is more than just graphics. Which is why I can enjoy a PC with a GTX 670 and a Wii U. With PS4/720 coming in between.

solar1883d ago

Another reason why the console kiddies shouldn't be able to post in PC threads. They have to be the most uninformed gamers on the planet

Allsystemgamer1883d ago

Or u can look at the 50+ PC exclusives coming out in 2013 alone.........u can get a 200$ card that will max nearly everything stop being a blind console fanboy.

jmc88881882d ago

Strike Suit Zero comes out in three days. Can't wait. Sim City not far off either.

Star Citizen in 2014.

aquamala1883d ago

of course if you want to spend the money you can upgrade your gaming PC to the latest tech all the time but who does that. my $700 PC (with Radeon 7950) I expect it to play games at max setting for a good 2-3 years before I'll look into upgrades again.

if you have the choice to spend a few hundreds dollars to upgrade your console's visuals would you not want to? but you don't have that choice.

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Dms20121883d ago

I have a new gaming rig that I put together on its way for about that same price lol.

Pain_Killer1883d ago

No need to worry, you are a gamer. Being a gamer you don't require the top most hardware to run games.

Being a PC gamer, you have built a PC that suits your need and that's the best thing about us. Company's make hardware that suits everyone needs, we aren't restricted by hardware limitations like console gamers.

We progress technologically by getting hardware such as the GeForce titan which is definitely a great hardware for enthusiasts. We also get great hardware for mid-range and entry level consumers.

deadfrag1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

This is actually good a full fledged card that haves 85%+ the power of the gtx690 and ONLY consumes the same energy has a gtx580!Im probably getting one for the next five to seven years.

N0S3LFESTEEM1883d ago

Hold out for the 780/790 or dish out an extra $200 for a 690. This is going to be an intermediate release until the 700 series comes out.

pennywhyz1883d ago

New consoles what.Their already outdated.

Perjoss1883d ago

This was always going to be the case, anyone that believed differently was lying to themselves or just not that well informed. Some console owners truly believe that their console of choice is like a magical device from the future with almost limitless power but this is far from the truth.

SpartanGR1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Very well said.

I'm a pc gamer but I also own every console out there for their exclusive gems.

I'm broke though cause I got to have them all LOL

jmc88881882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Not exactly. The 360/PS3 had those year's GPU cards in them. Though I agree generally before this generation and now afterwards it was and will be the case.

Which would be equivalent to a the PS4/720 having a customized GTX 780 or ATI 8 series equivalent with features that wouldn't be out until the GTX 9 or ATI 10 series.

Some of the features in the 360 didn't come online until the ATI X generation in PC's.

Instead they will be an ATI 7850 roughly.

It's actually quite a drop from where PC tech is compared to last time.

Not to mention nowadays there are dual gpu's and you can SLI/Crossfire them.

What can people expect? 700-1500 watts of PC can't be crammed into 200.

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