PS4: Sony Will Let Microsoft Make First Move

IGN:You may have noticed that there are lots of rumours flying about regarding next-gen consoles. No one knows definitely when Microsoft and Sony will unveil their successors to the current Xbox and PlayStation, but Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai has said that it will let Microsoft make the first move.

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Walker1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Just like this generation ? huh ?

Hurry Up sony, you need to take the market in your hands .

IAMERROR1673d ago

C'mon MS let's see it! Sony is waiting!

NeverEnding19891673d ago

What a shame. This is the exact situation as Kinect/Move. When M$ announced Kinect at E3, Sony, who presented the next day, had to scramble to come up with their own version of motion sensing peripheral. And that's how we arrived at the Wii-mote HD.

Waiting for Microsoft to go first does put SONY in a good position. But what if M$ decides to do the same thing?

It's sad that the console maker with two generations of 100 million consoles sold is resorting to this. Can you imagine a PS2 era SONY acting the same way? I wonder where all that confidence/arrogance went.

Red_Orange_Juice1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

I think he means the reveal date not release

osamaq1673d ago

now iam 100% sure that the ps4 will come in 2014

tehpees31673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

If Sony really are moving last they will fall behind again.

They will probably show their hand this year but won't move until next year.

kneon1673d ago


"scramble to come up with their own version of motion sensing peripheral."

I didn't realize filing the patents for Move almost 10 years before Kinect was announced and showing off various prototypes throughout that decade could be considered scrambling. They seemed to really be taking their time to me.

insomnium21673d ago

LOL that pic is just perfect with that title.

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Shadowstar1673d ago

"When M$ announced Kinect at E3, Sony, who presented the next day, had to scramble to come up with their own version of motion sensing peripheral. And that's how we arrived at the Wii-mote HD."

Lol. Coming up with the Move overnight, along with that demo, would have been magic. Despite the claims of some fanboys, Sony is not made of magic.

Ezz20131673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

pricing strategy
This has probably more to do with pricing and resease schedule than what's actually in the box.

sony want to wait to see what price the nextbox will have
and offer something close to it or the same price
so the media don't jump on their back like 2006

SilentNegotiator1673d ago


You think Sony threw Move together in a day?

Are you high??

blackbeld1673d ago

I hope Kaz knows what he is doing.

It's an interesting move and it could help but if he launch it 1year after Microsoft again then it would be very stupid.

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Septic1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

It does seem like a cop out strategy in one way. It goes to show that Sony doesn't have a vision and isn't willing to take charge. It only sees the next generation in terms of raw specs and competing on those terms. Business-wise however, it makes complete sense and considring Sony's financial woes, it probably is the prudent thing to do.

But it takes balls to to take the lead and unveil first. You're automatically on the back foot because your opponents can tweak and counter your tech and strategies. Let's just hope Sony don't take too long as a head start can be quite detrimental as we have seen this gen. However, if Sony do release late but release a significantly more poweful console then it's MS who are in real trouble depending obviously on things like ease of development etc.

But what does this mean for E3? Surely Sony has to unveil the new console unless it expects MS to unveil their machine much earlier than E3? Sony not unveiling a console at E3 will just be disappointing.

Hydrolex1673d ago

what if sony lunches later than MS but a lot more powerful console ??? That would make me want to sell my new xbox 720 for a PS4

MikeMyers1673d ago

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?"

Is this in relation to what Sony did after the Wii got so much attention and then came out with the Move?

These systems are years in the making so even if the Microsoft waited to see what Sony offered it would still take a long time to come out with something better. You also risk giving Sony a headstart.

You have to pay attention to the competition but you can't revolve around what they do.

sikbeta1672d ago

So, pretty much 7th gen repeat all over agian, huh?

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Thatguy-3101673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

I actually will like them to unveil last. That way they make the last impression which is important. Maybe they do have something great in their hands and want to eclipse the announcement of the next xbox. Plus if they do release their console last in won't be for a whole yr probably a couple of months later.

Abdou231673d ago

Actually it'e better to give the first impression, that way you make it hard for others to top what you showed.

UnholyLight1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Yeah I see what youère saying. Its almost like how last week Chevy unveiled their new trucks and BOOM Ford shows off a concept the next day at the Detroit Auto Show and sort of stole their thunder.

I think Sony is just unsure at the moment exactly where they want to price their product. If Mirosoft announces a high price then Sony will be safe in announcing a high price as well, but if Sony announces first and says hey our console is gonna retail at $450-$550 and Microsoft decided on a lower price then it could be a bit of a mistake again just like the PS3s initial entry point.

Its a real fine line that both companies are kind of having to walk on this time around. I dont see the Wii U as a real competitor to these consoles at the moment but some would argue it is key that they price relatively close to the Wii U so as to not lose any sales.

EDIT: As I type though I begin to notice that its like these consoles might actually be cheaper than expected, since a recent article highlighted that the reasons why PS3 was so expensive initially was because of the new tech that was not cost effective at the time.

B1663r1672d ago

Actually, if they announce last, then they look like the 'also ran'

ApolloTheBoss1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

All they need is more advertising next gen and they'll grab consumers by the balls.

Mr_cheese1673d ago

The advertising needs to be constantly good though because it was terrible during the launch. Gameplay and features adverts should be key as aposed to metaphorical weird stuff.

6 years ago -

one year later - (much better)

UnholyLight1673d ago

What country do you live in if you donèt mind me askingÉ I see a vast amount of Sony commercials, and in some cases they are way more memorable than Microsoft commercials (mission accomplished), especially when they had Kevin Butler and he was joking about us Canadians and maple syrup and pancakes lol. I mean, Microsoft has lots of Xbox ads but I really didnèt see a ton until the Kinect came out. Also, Halo 4 got a HUGE advertising push and had spots on Sportcentre(ESPN equivalent) and such. But in reality, here at least it seems Sony does a lot of advertising, and games like that All Stars Battle Royal or whatever its called was advertised LOTS the last couple months.

UnholyLight1673d ago

Not sure why I am getting downvoted so much for my comment. In Canada I see a lot of Sony ads when I happen to be watching TV, is that somehow wrong? haha

RedDevils1673d ago

they're more memorable because it's disturbing. common who on earth show a creepy baby like some scary movies lol

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iNFAMOUZ11673d ago

market in your hands LMAO, damn these sony fanboys are too funny man

deafdani1673d ago

Well, it's true... Sony would definitely benefit much more from getting the lion's share of the market next gen than the other 2 companies, because they're in very bad financial shape.

Microsoft and Nintendo are in a very healthy state, with a good balance between their net worth value and their debts... meanwhile, Sony is in so much debt, they would need to sell about 85% of their total assets to call them all off. That's quite a bad position there.

So, I hope Sony actually makes a big splash with their next console. For their own good, and for gaming's good in general. :/

dlpg5851673d ago

i had no idea that sony was in such bad shape, is it sony's entire company or just it's gaming division?

if anyone else could back this up/deny it that would be great

while i personally haven't been able to nab a ps3 due to financial reasons (my 360 was a gift) i wholeheartedly support their influence on the gaming world and would be sad to see it go for any reason.

i also feel that if sony waits a year to release again they very well may have a repeat of this generation. whichever company makes their console a must have this generation will gain the lions share of the market. this includes the wii u.

shinrock1673d ago

we all know sony don't market well.

ConstipatedGorilla1673d ago

I'm rooting for Sony. This could save their asses. I want to see a return to the PS2 days! I'm no fanboy - I own all 3, but why would you want to see the competition wiped out?

jivah1673d ago

@deafdani Sony isnt in bad shape. Its actually doing good as a company right now much better than before... AMD on the other hand is another story.. They are in horrible shape and the future looks dim

deafdani1673d ago


Good for you for demanding a source instead of just blindly believing what some stranger in the internet spouts. Here you go:


This link above is a quite comprehensive study of Sony's financial state, and yes, said poor state is for the Sony company as a whole, not just the entertainment division. Now, for those that don't want to read this admittedly long article, here's it issues in a nutshell:

1. Sony's total worldwide assets amount to 166.22 billion dollars.
2. Sony's total worldwide liabilities (basically, their debts) amount to 135.61 billion dollars.

Quote from the article:

"Since total assets include everything that Sony owns (cash, buildings, divisions, intellectual property, etc.)…Sony would have to sell over 80 percent of their total assets (Total Assets = Every single thing Sony owns including cash) just to pay off their total liabilities.

If you combined the June 2012 total liabilities of Microsoft ($54.91 billion), Apple ($51.15B), Google ($21.33 billion), and Electronic Arts ($2.27 Billion), that would equal to $129.66 billion in liabilities. Sony would STILL have $5.95 billion more in total liabilities than Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Electronic Arts combined. It really paints a picture of just how out of control Sony’s total liabilities have become."

I'm not necessarily saying that Sony is doomed and will go bankrupt soon, but their financial state is quite grim. All the more reason to hope that the PS4 (and Vita) ends up being massive successes that help Sony out. We don't want them out of the gaming landscape, do we? :/

Anon19741673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

@ deafdani.

I've seen that article before and as an FMA and former broker, I can't tell you how flawed the whole thing is, from it's focus on debt to the mistaken importance it puts on market cap as a sign of company health (using 2000 before the tech bubble burst as a staring point? Really? Because there's a reason that bubble burst, everything was tremendously overvalued just as stocks are undervalued across the board today)

You seem to forget, Sony runs a financial business. Banking, Insurance, Securities. These industries make money by issuing debt instruments, and lots of them. That's how these business work, by creating, buying and selling debt. The world's debt markets absolutely dwarf the stock markets. Obviously they're going to be carrying more debt than a company like Microsoft or Apple, because neither of those companies runs a bank.

For comparison, look at Bank of America, the 3rd largest company in the world. They have assets of about 2 trillion dollars and liabilities of about 2 trillion dollars yet no one is concerned. It's because they understand to run a financial business, you issue and sell debt. That's what Sony's financial businesses do, so they're expected to carry debt.

I'm not saying for a second that Sony's doing just fine or doesn't have challenges to overcome, but in this case comparing debt is really an apples/oranges comparison. Creating debt is how the financial industry does business.