Dinosaurs & More Are Coming To 'Black Ops 2'

GR - "The next patch for Black Ops 2 is set to contain dinosaurs, apparently."

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SolidStoner1646d ago

This should have been Battlefield 3 feature, if this is true! :)

PhantomT14121646d ago

Well, it was initially (and sarcastically) requested for the Modern Warfare games.

SolidStoner1646d ago

yeah, but Battlefield have huge environments and mountains.. that would look a lot cooler than small Cod maps all in urban environment..

venom061646d ago

THIS IS EXACTLY WHY DICE SHOULD LEAVE THAT CRAP OUT OF THEIR AWESOME GAME!!! Leave the stupid gimmicky, arcadey crap to CoD and its merry band of 12yr old fanboy nerds...... no true Battlefield player wants that pathetic gimmicky garbage in the game.

Blastoise1646d ago

Instead of dogs, you release the velociraptors

FlyingFoxy1646d ago

if Mr. Burns existed when dinosaurs were around

Blastoise1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Absolutely. Dinosaurs copyright Dice 2013 ©


LackTrue4K1646d ago

Why?!?! They had there chance and they missed it (if true), that's what they get for Teasing us with them Easter eggs.

NavydAd1646d ago

Yep and believe it was DICE, the creators of Battlefield who took absolutely no notice

MrCrimson1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

it's a joke.

He wrote: "Still at work doing that final grind on the next update. It's a big one. Nerfs. Buffs. Bug fixes. Features. Dinosaurs. Details to come."

Dinosaurs? What could this mean? Either he's joking—which is unlikely—or Treyarch intends to add dinosaurs into the game in some form or another. Dinosaurs have been a highly requested feature by the game's community.

It's unlikely that he is joking? Wow bro, great analysis let me tell you.

Go back to school and learn about hyperbole.

th3n00bg4m3r1646d ago

"Dinosaurs detail to come." It means 'big details'.

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The story is too old to be commented.