House of the Dead 4 on Wii?

If you are a owner of Wii request for the success of House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return. According to Sega, if the title sell well aroud the world the editor would plan to offer to the console house of the Dead 4.

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PS360WII3946d ago

Oh fun stuff I hope it sells well worldwide then ^^

JohnRico3946d ago

I still wonder why they did not include the first House Of The Dead for the remakes. That makes no sense

ItsDubC3946d ago

Ya they should've included all of them, even Typing of the Dead since the Wii has USB keyboard support. Regardless, it should be a nice compilation.

RadientFlux3946d ago

Makes sense, the Wii controller would be perfect for House of the Dead.

chrno63946d ago

Can the wii handle the game though? The game has pretty good grahpic if I remember correctly.

PS360WII3946d ago

Yes the Wii can handle House of the Dead 2&3. 3 was found on the original xbox and the Wii is has more power than that. I'm sure if they end up making the 4th one it would even be built from the ground up for the Wii making it look even better than 2&3.

Cynical-Gamerzus3598d ago

House of the Dead 4 was on a PS3 type of Nividia arcade video GPU system with over 1 GIG of ram and 3ghz P4
Unless you can put 6 wii's together to run the graphics good luck at it!!
Wii is a toy no more no less

JohnRico3946d ago

I would happily get the Zap Gun for the House Of The Dead Games that would be perfect for it

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