Meet the 85-Year-Old Who's Addicted to PlayStation 3

It is predicted that by the end of this year, female gamers will outnumber men for the first time.

However computer games are also increasingly being seen as a way for older people to keep mentally active.

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hawkeyejonjon1787d ago

Wow this is somehow cool. I never seen an 85 year old play games or even read about it. Age doesn't kill gaming lol

pandaboy1787d ago

She is also from a generation where gaming didn't exist. In the future we will hear online trash talk from the geriatrics.

SolidStoner1787d ago

Now I know how I will look after many many years! :)

DeadlyFire1787d ago

Also to geriatrics. Believe me with way crowd goes online it will go both ways. haha.

jony_dols1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

I remember on the PS2's LOTR The Return of The King, there was an unlockable video of the film's cast playing the game (Elijah Wood, the big geek was cleaning up!) but Ian McKellan couldn't fit the Dualshock in his massive hands!

@Tvensky: I pray to God that you're a girl-gamer, otherwise...*shudders*

ProjectVulcan1787d ago

N4G today: Level 100 hit on PSN trophies!

85 year old addicted to PS3!

Well she would finally hit level 100, she been playing all her life....

pixelsword1787d ago

My grandfather, who is a lethal shot in real life, loves shooting games. He and my uncle were the only people I seen who could actually shoot the ducks in Duck Hunt from a distance.

opoikl1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Old people addicted to gaming - Battlefield edition

My own grandfather (just turned 93) is seriously addicted to Age of Empires II - The Conquerors. He plays it each day for hours on end. He even had to by an old new PC after his former one crashed so it would run the old CD-Roms without issues.

Darrius Cole1787d ago

Pure, uncut, unadulterated awesome! Bubbles for great-granny.

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b_one1787d ago


interesting thing is, where/when she found games/consoles etc - she has Disagea, she is pro.

BillySpandex1787d ago

After 40 years of gaming, I think it's safe to say that she's a hardcore gamer. Kudos to you Mrs Hilda Knott! You are my hero!

b_one1787d ago

we all should exchange our gamepads for pink versions with hello kitty emblem :)

Aceman181787d ago

thats cool is still games, she has a bigger tv(65-46in) then me hahaha.

they should show this to all those adults how claim videogames are just for kids.

GraveLord1787d ago

She has so many games too. I wonder if she picks them out herself.

IAmLee1787d ago

Bet she could kick any 13 year olds arse at CoD.

egidem1787d ago

This goes to debunk the myth that gaming is only for small kids. I'm 22 and so far, I plan on gaming until my hands can no longer hold a controller.

BlmThug1787d ago

Same. Gaming is my life-long passion and the only way i'm going to stop is death itself

finbars751787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

This is really neat and rare to see.The other day on justin tv there was a 69 old man streaming Battlefield3.He was playing team deathmatch and actually whooped some ass.He was really good going 36-10.It just goes to show you that gaming truely is for everyone.This was a great posting and for that I salute you.I thought being 38 was old but my god I feel young just from reading

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Bathyj1787d ago

This is me is 50 years.

Ashunderfire861787d ago

Need one more person to agree with your comment to make it 85 lol!!! I already agreed.

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bicfitness1787d ago

WoW a grandmother that surely KNOWS how to give gifts to her grankids!

She is all kinds of awesome.

pr0digyZA1787d ago

Except the grand-kids probably like knitting.

But she is awesome.

bicfitness1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

@ the flagged comment below.

Wow, Moncole. You realize that this is a video game site for video game enthusiasts, right? What sort of sentiments did you expect to hear? Where is all your anger coming from? Also in the absence of any supporting documents or reports that she IS a homophobic nazi, I'm not sure where you're getting your wild, insane conjecture from.

Yes, it is awesome that an almost 90 year old WOMAN is contemporary and savvy enough to be a hardcore gamer. She certainly games more than I do, and she's not the 15-25 male something demographic that usually fills this stereotype.

So yes, she is all kinds of awesome. For breaking gender and age stereotypes among other things.

P.S. You need to chill right out.

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E2S1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Cool story. Hope she lives long enough to see the PlayStation 5 and 6.

BanBrother1787d ago

This story is amazing. Would be awesome if Sony gave her a free PS4, as it would be great for her, and the mainstream media could finally shine some positive light on the gaming industry.

Nice to see that the whole community is in agreement, and very respectful. I'm sure we all wish we had grandma's like that. May she live the rest of her life out happily, and yes, maybe even see the PS5 and PS6.

We need more articles like this, that makes everyone forget about the usual drivel.

taijutsu3631787d ago

Give her a free Ps4? Are you trying to give a heart attack? lol The shock alone would throw a youngster into a frenzy! XD

And true would enjoy reading more articles like this!

deafdani1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Playstation 5... maybe. Playstation 6? Very unlikely. For that she would have to break the 100 hundred year old mark, and there's not many people that can do that.

Mad respect for the old lady, though. I hope I get to be awesome like her someday (first I need to live enough to see 85 summers... only 55 to go! XD )

TheBardsSong1787d ago

My grandfather just turned 106. It's possible :p

deafdani1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

I didn't say it was impossible, just that it's very unusual. My grandpa is around 85 (I think) and he's in pretty good health, but I'm not sure if he'll be able to reach 100. Probably not.

Good for your gramps, though!

Conzul1787d ago

I dunno man, older people have been surprising me alot lately.

I was in Jersey a few years back and teaching older people to use PCs in their homes. One of my clients was a 96-year-old retired diamond merchant. His vitality and enthusiasm just kept blowing me away. He had more life-force at 8 in the morning that I did. Once I came in and he was on all fours trying to figure out where to plug stuff in the back of the tower, and not minding it one bit.

hennessey861787d ago

I can't picture her playing GTA IV though ha, running prosties over ha

E2S1787d ago

she'd call them trollops though.

GreenRanger1787d ago

Sounds like she's addicted to living too.