Black Ops 2 Time Stop Hack Turns Cheaters Into Neo from The Matrix

GR - "There's a new cheat going around in Black Ops 2, and it's the ability to stop time and kill your opponents while they're frozen. If it sounds ridiculous, that's because it kind of is—and it provides the cheater with an enormous advantage that no amount of skill could possibly surpass. The cheater is essentially Neo in the Matrix—or to draw from an example closer to home: Max Payne."

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Toolster1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

A cod game gets hacked? I'm shocked :)

Solans Scott1946d ago

How is this even fun? What's the point?

Cupid_Viper_31946d ago

To be honest, this is not too different then the cheat already included in the game such as the "Target Finder" and the "MMS" Scopes which basically finds your targets for you.

The only reason why this is so sad it's because that even with all the easy help the game already provides, someone still finds it necessary to do this.

TopDudeMan1946d ago

Yeah, black ops 2 has several difficulty levels including but not limited to:

Assault Rifle
Combat Knife
Target Finder

3-4-51946d ago

It's fun if you are 8....beyond that I'm not sure.

Blastoise1946d ago

Time Stop! Chaos Control!

caseh1946d ago

Looks like a lag switch or the good old Mao lag that plagued MGO.

gazgriff2k121946d ago

my god what is the point no skill, no fun, no achievement, no life. fail

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The story is too old to be commented.