Far Cry 3: Why Does Killing Digital Animals Feel Morally Wrong?

When playing the totally fabulous and life-consuming Far Cry 3, TV Presenter OJ Borg has come to a strange conclusion about himself and his values. Whilst gaming he can butcher humans in a variety of interesting, entertaining and masochistic ways, but he finds killing digital animals morally wrong.

As soon as computer games became more real, evolving from platform games to, amongst other things, hyper real First Person Shooters, a large proportion of the world has blamed a lot of its violent problems on computer games, and you can see why. We play games in which you do things that are insanely visceral.

From stomping your money out of a prostitute post-transaction on GTA, to killing all the innocent hostages on CoD, we have done this and more; sometimes with a (guilty?) gurgle of delight.

However when playing the new Far Cry and having to shoot dogs that are attacking you, kill tigers with a bow and arrow, skin black panthers and more, there is a palpable revulsion that he can’t totally explain.

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VerbalKint271885d ago

Ha, you're not alone there OJ! While playing FC3, I shot a sea turtle last night and felt terrible..

Nitrowolf21885d ago

They don't move!! They just sit there and go not their shells, I've bothered not even killing them.
Andthe Beavers in AC3, even if they make a lot of money, the sound they make every single time you slay one :(

I like the sound rocks make though when you throw it at an animal :D

DasTier1885d ago

Pussys! Become real men and strap those critters with C4!

Thatguy-3101885d ago

It doesn't feel wrong. Just like it doesn't feel wrong shooting and beating up prostitutes or civilians in GTA. It's all FAKE!!

grailly1885d ago

totally agree, most animals I didn't care for (didn't adore killing tapirs though), but those turtles... I killed one just because I wanted to know what I could loot from it, knowing it wouldn't be a useful object. I felt a bit bad. Then I got killed by a selection of katowari and dingos, made me hate all animals all over again.

GuyThatPlaysGames1885d ago

I LOVEEEEE killing animals in games. Even in AC3, I just got a rush from jumping out of a tree to stab a deer in the neck lol

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Hellsvacancy1885d ago

A didnt get any pleasure from shooting the town dog in Red Dead Redemption

WheatBread1885d ago

I thought I was the only one. I try to avoid games that require me to hurt innocent animals.

FlameBaitGod1885d ago

Well being a dog is never easy and seeing ur people killed, not fun

gillri1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

I only felt guilty when I detonated 2 C4's underneath a Galapagos turtle

stage881885d ago

It's never really phased me. I never go out my way to do so unless the game requires it. Eg RDR and the Bison trophy.

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The story is too old to be commented.