Nintendo’s TVii tops button-laden remotes ''Nintendo’s TV-watching tool for the new Wii U game console beats my regular remote control hands down.''

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1upgamer991946d ago

Very cool feature. I am now using this most of the time.

Akuma-1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

awesome use of this device since it doesnt have any games considered worthy of anything and there isnt much planned for it. the system can be used as a coaster for my tea and biscuits while the short life wii u pad can be used to change channel. what a rubbish system.

fanatics oooh and aaaaww over the silliest thing on a nes console because they dont expect anything revolutionary or cutting edge on wii u. my psp can be used as a universal remote since 6 years ago. where are the outcries for quality games, power, features among the fanatics on wii u. lol. there wont be any since fanatics dont care for actually games on wii u , power, or features of the devices. they sure did care for power when they thought the wii u was more powerful than the xbox. youd hear fanatics call the xbox rubbish along with ps3.

fanatics think there will be two games for each nes franchises release every year to garner a lot of support for wii u. theyre expecting two mario, two zelda, two metroid, two f zero and two smash brothers for the next 6 years on wii u. all they keep talking about is "wait til mario, wait til zelda", or some other nintendo franchise . they dont expect much support especially from third party devs or third party games . its almost like they think nintendo will be able to release new games every month for wii u especially new ones.

wii u is finished. people should figure out a way to trick people into buying their wii u at this moment because it wont be worth much for long. i cant imagine how nintendo will try to convince people to get on their bandwagon at e3 when microsoft and sony will be showing next gen systems and games that are way above everything theyll have.

1upgamer991945d ago

You are the MOST IGNORANT WANNA BE, are you even old enough to VOTE...LMAO!

Salamander1945d ago

This dude cant get any lower hes already hit rockbottom.

BullyMangler1945d ago

Awww . . You sound like sony is banging you from behind, while you stare at your wiiU as it collects dust . . Hee hee

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MultiConsoleGamer1946d ago

It's a great feature and it would be even better if the Wii U controller had longer battery life.

metroid321945d ago

It does look up Nyko its 15 hours with full charge.

EddieNX 1946d ago

We don't have Nintendo TVii here in UK yet. But I even just can't stop using my Wiiu gamepad as a remote!!! My remote has been relegated to the coffee table draw for eternity...

Qrphe1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

I couldn't get mine to turn on my TV even I'm able to do everything else (including turning it off) so I still have to use my remote.

1upgamer991945d ago

It is step by step on your Wii U remote...Pretty simple to program, Much easier than most. I would say you need to try again. If you can not do it after like 2 tries have a friend help you out.

Qrphe1945d ago

I've gone into the 10th signal type option with my Sylvania TV. I lost interest a while ago especially since the rest of people at home would rather use a remote anyway.

mshope101945d ago

akuma your a douchebag!and a turd Sandwhich!can I get some agrees?

Nevers0ft1945d ago

Give Akuma a break! It can't be easy typing legibly with a dick in each hand.

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