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GP writer Jordan Haygood reviews Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii.

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EddieNX 1920d ago

HD remake For wiiu please with overhauled graphics. Do that epic world justice. I have to play this game on a Tube TV as it looks a LOT better than it does on a giant 1080p TV....

Xenoblade Chronicles HD for wiiu - Brand new 1080p graphics , Gamepad Map and Inventory , Off screen play , etc. Launching december 2013 :) (I wish)

twilight_link1920d ago

i agree, this game is masterpiece, some tweaking with difficulty (optional hard mode) and this game is for me enough to buy WiiU

StraightPath1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Play the game using component cable like I did. You would think its a hd game. Many games on the wii using a hd cable look amazing! Even the system menu is hd using component cable.

IAMERROR1920d ago

I wish more JRPGs this gen were of this caliber

hazelamy1920d ago

not only one of the best games this generation, but i'd say one of the best of any generation.

phantomexe1920d ago

It was a great game..This game alone kept me off my ps3 for a week. It was the best rpg of 2012. I know it wont happen but a ps3 version or any HD version would be great. It was a gem for the wii.

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