Diablo Creator: ‘I have always wanted to make a Marvel themed, Diablo-style MMO’

Ahead of the launch of the forthcoming Marvel Heroes Electronic Theatre was given the opportunity to put some questions to industry luminary David Brevik. Often considered one of the most influential designers in the action-role playing game (RPG) genre, Brevik is credited with co-creating the phenomenally popular Diablo series, and there’s very obvious reasons as to why this achievement is reflected in the upcoming Marvel Heroes.

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mathsman1828d ago

Yes, Brevik. I think there's a lot of people who want you to make that.

morpha1828d ago

It will never be as good as Diablo 3 :P

Heavenly King1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Anything can be better than Diablo 3 and the 12 years of waiting.

kostchtchie_1828d ago

exactly, d3 is pile dog turd, d2 still destroys that game and always will

3-4-51828d ago

Good...I hope it's everything D3 isn't.

morpha1826d ago

Sarcasm is evidently lost on you 'people'.

devilhunterx1828d ago

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3!

ovhaum1828d ago

X-men legends 3: The Fall of Apocalypse!!

MaleManSam1828d ago

I wish he was the one who stuck with developing Diablo III. It might have been a worthwhile investment of time and money if he did.

DivineAssault 1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

I hope disney allows them to make blood in it like the comics have.. M rating would limit the market that buys it but one can wish right? I will keep a close eye on this game cuz it looks awesome.. I grew up with & love the xmen universe.. It was first He-man, then Ninja Turtles, Then Marvel comics.. why does rouge look so damn hot? Shes not real! lol

I hope its not only for PC & nx gen consoles get it too

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