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Submitted by Kran 1118d ago | opinion piece

Game Freak are Wrong to NOT Make a Pokemon Wii U Game

Charlie writes:

"This is dating back a couple of years ago, but it just had to be brought back up in hopes that Game Freak actually do think “these are good ideas, let’s actually make one if so many people want it”. Junichi Masuda, who is the co-founder of Game Freak, had once said “I think the Pokemon core series is always going to be with handheld hardware, in the future as well.” Well, sorry to disappoint you Junichi, but that’s where you couldn’t be more wrong." (3DS, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Nintendo DS, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Wii, Wii U)

EcoSos3  +   1118d ago
No they are NOT wrong, and the ideas you said the game would have to be bigger then skyrim that will kill pokemon.

Because people would not buy any other game as this one would include everything they want in it, even more if it has online matches pokemon game will stop selling from that moment on. I'm one of those people that would say why buy another when this one has all I want.
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Kran  +   1118d ago
So... what you're saying... is that the franchise is being milked? Since a console game would stop all other Pokemon games? Well ok then :/ You're also saying the devs wont be able to do anything else new with Pokemon should my ideas be made, meaning you dont have much faith in the devs either and you also believe they are using the same design concept over and over?

THATS what i got from you there.
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Irishguy95  +   1118d ago
It's both a smart and stupid move

Good: It will sell Wii-U's

1: Way more costly to produce, Nintendo already sell millions and millions. This game would not bring in the overall profits of the handheld versions.

2: Forever reduce the handheld version and make them redundant

No doubt it would be a great step in the series for US gamers. But not for nintendo. Not at all.

Also, no "ou're also saying the devs wont be able to do anything else new with Pokemon should my ideas be made, meaning you dont have much faith in the devs either an"

That's not what he's saying, he's saying if they made a perfect one on the Wii-U, not as much people would buy the vastly inferior handheld version which they get millions if not billions on already. They would have to keep improving on the Wii-U one too, costing more and more to keep up and hoping people will keep at it.

What they have now is a Cod type game. Milk milk milk with minor improvements and little effort put into it, the produce two games at once, all the time(Blue/red, silver/gold etc) with a stupid gimmick of 'catching em all' which actually makes some people buy both the versions. It's hugely profitable and to risk that on a Wii-U game is a stupid business move.

IF Pokemon ever stops selling as much, then it would be a good business move to redo the entire game and retake interest. But that is not happening, Pokemon sells **** loads.
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RFornillos4  +   1117d ago
if they make the Pokemon U to have cross play features with the 3DS much like what Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is doing (and perhaps enhance more on it), it will certainly keep both markets alive (3DS-Wii U co-op multiplayer, share saves, share pokemons, etc).

recent news about merging of divisions for console and handheld may also point to the possibility that Nintendo is looking into "merging" their markets in the future too, a handheld and console at the same time. they may release a gamepad that can independently play 3DS games and/or eShop games, and can be used as controller also for the U or U2 also.
Kingofwiiu  +   1118d ago
Pokemon would be awesome on Wiiu and would probably be in their best interest to have console versions of games with the same gameplay formula that can link with Handhelds.

I'm quite happy with Pokemon X and Y on 3DS tbh though...
AWBrawler  +   1117d ago
console defeats the purpose of trading, and I'm sure streetpass and spot pass will have good uses. can't do that with a console
Blastoise  +   1118d ago
3DS sales > Wii U sales

They're not wrong. It's this reason there are more Pokemon games on DS than on Wii. And Gamecube for that matter.

Handhelds are very successful for them, plus they have a portable trade thing going on with them. Hence two games with each new generation, you're supposed to trade.

They should make a game on the Wii U though, but keep the main series on DS.
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iamnsuperman  +   1118d ago
I personally think it suits the mobile market better. I mean I wouldn't want to sit at home in front of a big tv playing Pokemon (my preference I know other would disagree). I wouldn't mind playing Pokemon on the go where I don't need to invest much thought/extend periods of time playing it and I can stop and start quite easily. The way pokemon is designed (to me) suits the handheld market.
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christheredhead  +   1118d ago
I would have to disagree. They should make it for whatever hardware they want, its their IP after all.

Plus, the Wii U is barely 3 months old so it might be a little to early to judge what titles are releasing in the future.
Yodagamer  +   1118d ago
I don't see why anyone would want a pokemon rpg, they are pretty much made to be played in short burst. A pokemon mmo would probably be better for a console setting.
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Kran  +   1118d ago
A pokemon MMO is "sort of" what I was going for, only its on the Wii U.
Samus HD  +   1118d ago
I think they are just Right
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silkrevolver  +   1118d ago
Their money says otherwise.
pokenin   1118d ago | Spam
wingman32x  +   1118d ago
I'm afraid that any attempt at a huge console pokemon game might destroy its unique identity. There really isn't another Pokemon out there right now. When you make a pokemon game similar to Skyrim or an MMO, you're just opening the doors for all of the "lol, Skyrim ripoff" articles and comments.

I'm not entirely against something like this, but I think they should only do it when they know they have something that would allow them to maintain the unique identity of the series. It's something that could be a lot harder than most people think.
khowat  +   1118d ago
it would set the standards too high is this took off, pokemon just moved to 3d and although people wanted it, it wasn't like people were dying for it. People were still happy with black and white. To literally out do every single handheld pokemon game and set a super high benchmark for console pokemon game. I think if you cut back on everything except
-Side quests taking us “across the land, searching far and wide”
-Full polygonal 3D models
-A unique storyline
we might have something to go on
TruthbeTold  +   1117d ago
Monster Hunter now has a 3DS/Wii U symbiosis going. If Nintendo does it right, the handhelds will continue to thrive. If you had to register a unique handheld Pokemon game to have a Pokemon Wii U experience that goes online, and locally beyond the initial quest, items, etc., then people wouldn't hesitate at all to spend $100 buying both games. I know I'd do it in a heart beat.
Theyellowflash30  +   1117d ago
How do you know they are not making a Pokemon game for the Wii U? The Wii, Gamecube, and N64 all had Pokemon games on the system. So the Wii U could be the same.
TruthbeTold  +   1117d ago
Those games with the exception of the Game Cube, were rarely a 'full experience'. Pokemon Battle Revolution didn't even have a quest. It was just an outlet to battle on your TV with more Game Cube level graphics.

SO, if they are working on a Wii U game, people are hoping that for once, it's actuially the experience that so many gamers want. Semi-detailed (Cell shaded, anime style though) open world, MMORPG type of game.
Theyellowflash30  +   1116d ago
I liked the 'battle simulator' games on the N64, Gamecube, and Wii. They give you access to TMs, Pokemon, and Items you can transfer over to the portable titles.

Nintendo will probably announce a Pokemon Battle Revolution 2 on the Wii U at e3
wiiulee  +   1117d ago
there must be alot of mental breakdowns lately cause last i checked wiiu was only just tywo months old so a pokemon title will be out and haters or whoever relax
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1117d ago
From the looks of it, Gamefreak will never make nor allow another developer to make a main series Pokemon RPG on Nintendo's consoles. I think its mostly due to the fact that they're the ones who are mostly responsible for creating new Pokemon and adding/tweaking the mechanics of the series.
Froakie  +   1117d ago
Pokemon belongs on Handhelds.Just accept it and move on.
ZeroX9876  +   1117d ago
I would like a Pokemon Z with the Wii U. Something like you could transfer pokemon, play online or local on the wii U with 3 other 3ds.

Just imagine, 3 buddys come at your home, play some 2vs2 or trade some pokemon. Plus when your fighting one another, everyone got a pad, so no one knows what you do!( like changing pokemon or what move you took)

I would buy a Wii U just for that freaking game!
edgeofsins  +   1114d ago
That would be pretty cool. If they had one like the portables come out for console then I think it should only be Z for now, whenever that is.
edgeofsins  +   1114d ago
They should make a pokemon game for it but not one like the portables. It is tradition. They should make a new Pokemon Snap since that would work great on it and they should make a new pokemon that really shows off the scale the Wii U can handle and be sure not to make it much like the portables in how movement and stuff is. Make it a clear difference.

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