5 Great RPGs Coming in 2013 That You Never Heard About

Unigamesity writes: "Today we continue our trip through the games coming in 2013 – great games that you might have never heard about until now – with a genre that is really close to my soul: RPG. Fortunately, this year seems to be one where a ton of great RPG titles are planned for release and if 10% of them are solid titles, we’re all set."

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porkChop1950d ago

This is a list about RPG's, yet they knowingly list a game that is not an RPG. I guess they really just had to have a Top 5 list like every other website does these days.

MeatAbstract1950d ago

"4 Great RPG'S Coming in 2013" WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!!??

Uni-g1949d ago

It's just RPGs on that list! I have no idea what you are talking about!

ATi_Elite1949d ago

I've heard about ALL 5 like months ago!

Actually 3 of them were on this site within the last 48hrs.

Nuclear Dawn looks to tottally Rip STALKER and Fallout 3 off with NO Shame......if done right I will buy!

Relientk771950d ago

I agree with the title, I only heard of one of these