Is the Wii U a Next generation Console?

s the Wii U a Next generation Console?

Is the Wii U a next generation console? Answering the question is fairly difficult, because there is no clear consensus on what makes a next generation console. Mii-gamer firmly believe the Wii U is a true 8th gen console, but there are individuals in the gaming community that are adamant that the Wii U is just a current gen console. There claims lay on the sole argument that the Wii U is an underpowered console, and ultimately will not be able to complete with the next console offerings form Sony and Microso

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stonecold31853d ago

noi would be surprised if Nintendo is already workingon a next gen console already the wii u is a stop gap generation until the ps4 and xbox 720 come out plus wii u will be getting older it has 2006 specs ?

theBAWSE1853d ago

The wii u is a stop gap? ..if Nintendo does that there will be alot of pissed off gamers ..Nintendo have made their bed now they have to lay in it...I think they regret making such a low specced console as they are already talking about their next console!!

wii u isn't flying off the shelves and when the nexbox and ps4 are released things will get interesting

I havnt bought a Nintendo console since gamecube here's hoping they can get back on track

decrypt1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Nintendo Knows..

Console gamers.. dont care about graphics.

Its how they won the last gen, as the highest selling console.

Is the Wii U Next gen?

In console terms sure it is, however from a tech perspective no it isnt, No console ever is for that matter.

ElectricKaibutsu1853d ago

If the Wii U was simply a stop gap, it would have been released two years ago.

The Wii U is next gen because otherwise it'd be a pain in the a** to talk about the three next gen consoles together.

EddieNX 1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

@ Decrypt , no console is ever next gen ? Are you serious ? What are you comparing them to , masively overpriced PC's ?

Of course the wiiu is next gen.

The Gap between PS1 and N64 graphically was MASSIVE. The n64 could push proper 3D games like Ocarina and Goldeneye and the PS1 was stuck with Pre rendered flat psuedo graphics.

Regardless of that the PS1 was a fantastic console and won that respective generation.

Point is , Power HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH defining a generation.
Whilst Sony fanboys may argue this , they're simply being hypocritical as the PS1 and PS2 were the weakest consoles of their respective generations , by quite a margin.

Generation is simply a measurement of time.

If a father has 2 sons , one is a 6ft7 Heavy weight boxer , and one is a 5FT Karate champ , they're both the same Generation of Children.
If 2 consoles are released one is super powerfull and one is more innovative , they're both in the same generation.

That's the meaning of the word ''GENERATION''

The PSP was massively more powerfull than the DS = Same generation.
The PSV is considerably more powerfull than 3DS = Same generation
The N64 was Considerably more powerfull than Ps1 = Same generation
The Ps4/720 may be considerably more powerfull than Wiiu = same generation.

Of course Sony and Microsoft fanboys won't be able to sleep properly tonight knowing this so they will have to downvoat to clear their mind.

Edit - Come on. I'm still waiting for a reply for some Childish Sony fanboy explaining how he thinks His PSP was magically a generation ahead of the DS and His PSV is magically a generation ahead of the 3DS. And that those same rules never applied to the PS1 compared to N64.

IAMERROR1853d ago

It is by definition, as for what you personally believe? That's entirely up to you.

metroid321853d ago

Nintendo are hard at work on their biggest franchises u can bet ur life on it games that could if been shown last E3 got held bk to combat ps4 ect.

Mario World/Galaxy
Smash bros
F Zero
Eternal Darkness
Concept GP ? RUMORED
Project Offset ? RUMOURED

bigbearsack1853d ago

Can we just wait and see what Nintendo can do with it. To be honest Wonderful 101 looks next gen to me, and I'm banking Bayonetta will not disappoint.
Nintendo screwed them selves with these ports.

jmc88881853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Only people that don't know specs and technology say it isn't a next gen system. Or actually a better way is that none of the consoles are 'next gen'. But that's a different debate. So in general terms, yes indeed, ALL of them are in the same boat.

It was pretty clear WHAT the 720/PS4 were going to roughly be capable of and what can be wrung out of the Wii U is pretty obvious.

With the rumor spec release of the 720 and PS4 recently it is not in doubt. A 720/PS4 that basically packs an ATI 7850 is not that much more powerful than a Wii U. Sorry.

Wii U is close to 720/PS4. It will deliver the same games at a notch or so lower settings. AKA almost the same.

All three are years behind a mid range PC at launch. But all three will deliver great games and fun.

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TheLyonKing1853d ago

In terms of console releases yes it is, in terms of power no it is its own generation, generation 7.5 if you will.

metroid321853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

What part of a powerful GPGPU with dx11 and Compute shaders and 2 gig RAM/32 MB EDRAM dont you understand mate ?

The ps4 and 720 rumored gpu's are dx11 as well the ps4's is more powerful than wiiu,but the 720 gpu that's been confirmed by a well known developer its using the HD6670.

zebramocha1853d ago

Dx11 is owned by Ms,Sony & nintendo would probably use OpenGL,while a gpgpu is good,it's not really all that much better than hd 6670.

jmc88881853d ago

The 7850 isn't that much more powerful.

People just don't realize this.

They somehow think it's going to kill the Wii U.

Nope. A notch or two higher settings. Same games.

All will play great games, but all three will be years behind a mid range PC from 2011.

Then Nvidia's Maxwell (aka Series 7) will be out before the consoles launch widening the gap (and ATI's 8 series).

PopRocks3591853d ago

Another one of these?

Wii = Gen 7.

Wii U = Gen 8. That's it. Period.

iamnsuperman1853d ago

Exactly. It is the next generation of consoles. If people want to write about this issue theyshould be asking is the Wii U a good next gen console? Not is the Wii U next gen

BrianG1853d ago

Seems as if people have come to terms with the Wii being a current generation console even though it doesn't output HD.

So given that, I would say the Wii U is a "next" generation console.

Since the Wii U is out, wouldn't it be a "current" gen console? Making the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii "previous" generation consoles? Thoughts?

BlackWolf1853d ago

More of these articles again. Not even gonna read.

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