Kurama Mode Unleashed in New Naruto Storm 3 Trailer


This Trailer is basically the same than 'Tailed Beasts Unleashed' but there is a surprise at the end...

All the tailed beast are revealed as playable characters. The trailer also reveal new chapters to be included in the deep rich story mode.

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tayz1952d ago

if this is true.... OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! *goes into dream state*

*epic nosebleed*
*rainbow from mouth*
*pants wet*

Septic1952d ago

Lol you really do love Naruto don't you? Every time there's info you get a nosebleed. It's as if Naruto does the sexy jitsu and your nosebleed propels you out of the room lol.

tayz1952d ago

hahahahahaa YES!! you know me well friend!

VanguardOfCalamity1952d ago

uhhhh spoiler alert... not everyone knows the 9-Tails name lol

tayz1952d ago

whoops! hehehe but its not like it's anything special...just a name!

VanguardOfCalamity1952d ago

very true - one would assume all tailed beast have a name :D

Irishguy951952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Shukaku had a name, so..yeah. Think it's the only one that retained it's name too.

Well, EMS Sasuke is also in.

He is sneakily put in the trailer for Gaara's UJ


There are 12 weeks of Anime left in JP before this game releases. That means they will surely reach Madara and put him in too.

Y_51501952d ago

I didn't know, still calling it (him?) Nine Tails. :P

ZeroChaos1952d ago

It looks good but I do hate how we have to watch an entire trailer again just for a 5 to 10 second clip.

Also on a side note the Limited Edition now looks fantastic with Kurama mode on the front.

raWfodog1951d ago

You could just skip to the end of the trailer

HeroLv91952d ago

i thought the collector edition comes with both action figures of Naruto and Sasuke or is this for a certain region? Can someone clarify this for me?

rezzah1952d ago

UK has 2 LE, one with Naruto and the other with Sasuke. I am not aware of the amount of LE available to the UK.

If you live in Canada or the US, you can obtain a special LE that contains both 6" figures (very cool), plus I think a poster (not sure if exclusive to CDN and US only). There is only 5000 available, and can be obtained only through ShopNamco (google it). Pre orders started today.

If you miss out on the LE then you can get the regular edition which also comes with some bonuses (poster).

Shipping is 22 for Canada and I think a minimum of 10 for the US.