Wii U Deluxe Set discounted to $329 at Target this week

Target is selling the Wii U deluxe set at a $20 discount this week for the price of $329

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animegamingnerd1981d ago

damn it i don't have the money

mrbojingles1981d ago

Are you effing kidding me? Someone actually disagreed with you saying you don't have the money? That's stupid.

TOGC1981d ago

A whole 20 bucks. Yay...

LOL_WUT1981d ago

One hundred dollars off would've been nice. ;)

Y_51501981d ago

20 bucks is a nice discount, unfortunately now not the time for me.

animegamingnerd1981d ago

yeah same here i am planning on picking a wii u up in a couple months but i hope around april there will be another sale

bryam19821981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Well like i did b4 whit the wii i'll do the same whit the wiiU buying 1for my son since nintendo make great consoles for kids, i only borrowed the wii of my son to play the few exclusives that nintendo make like for adults: zelda,mario,smash,donkey kong and the new metroid