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Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch Review | GamerFuzion

Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch Review will let you know how good or bad the game and see if is a buy or rental. (Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, PS3) 8.7/10

Godchild1020  +   922d ago
The first hour of this game is full of so much emotion and laughter, that I have grown a new love (that was once missing) for JRPGs.

Mr.Drippy is so funny and can really bring the story to life when he starts talking about Oliver and the emotions he has for his mother and other comments he makes. The story that Level 5 has created so far is one of the best this generation and the art direction from Studio Ghibli is bar none. I recommend this game off the first hour, because it draws you in from the beginning and it doesn't take as long to pick up pace as other (J/W)RPGs.

So far I only have one issue and it's not a deal breaker; Its when it goes from a cut scene with voice overs to a cut scene with no voice overs and just text. As I said it's not a deal breaker. The reason I mention it, is because I like hearing Drippy speak.
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