DmC: Reasons to love the new Dante writes: The haters are still out in force but the verdict's out: the new Dante is actually not all that bad.

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Snookies121490d ago

No, he really is. I'm sorry to those that like him, but his character model and dialogue are just not good... I'd much rather take old Dante's classic "fill your dark soul with light" line over this Dante's dialogue any day.

Hanso1489d ago

Old Dante would shoot Donte in the face and eat a pizza afterwards and Vergil:

Root1489d ago

Good characters don't need articles telling people why you should love them

...just saying

IAMERROR1489d ago

His old appearance was much more unique imo

Flatbattery1489d ago

I'll admit right from the start I haven't played the full game. Unfortunately the videos and the demo didn't sell it to me. Appearance wise the new Dante isn't a huge problem, but his personality, that's a different matter. If they hadn't made him such a complete and utter bell end I would have been able to watch the trailers or play the demo without cringing. Unfortunately first impressions are important, and none of those suggested positives were present.

The full game might be completely different, but I'm not willing to shell out full price on something I'm really not sold on.

Hanso1489d ago

Full game isnt different.
Dick Jokes Dick Jokes everywhere..

Lovable1489d ago

The game looks good, and the combo looks very flashy...I would really like to own the game, but since its from Capcom, I'll wait ti'll its in the bargain bin before I buy it.

vallencer1489d ago

I get your standpoint against capcom and I respect that but it really is a good game. As long as you try it though that's all that matters. I looked at it as I was supporting ninja theory because I actually like them.