February 2013 PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PSP Video Game Release Date Page

PSLS Says, "These PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Portable video game release date pages will highlight all of the games, DLC, demos, and more coming out during a specific month. We’ll update these pages every single day with any new additions or delays, keeping you up to date on just when you can expect to see every single video game."

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Irishguy951286d ago

Damn Feb is packed. To bad the Vita is getting nothing again, besides a Ps3 game and another Ninja Gaiden 2 rehash. Vita needs more gams.

hawkeyejonjon1286d ago

yeah it does need more games. Hopefully they will announce more at E3.

Abash1286d ago

Sly Cooper 4, FINALLY!

Hanso1286d ago

i live in europe so my vita will get Persona 4 cant wait :)

3-4-51285d ago

Feb-March is the 2nd busiest game time in the year.

It's the mini November/Dec

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remanutd551286d ago

Psvita is on fire!!!! too many games!!!! lol anyways i cant wait to play Sly Cooper Thieves in Time!!

Y_51501286d ago

My highlighst for this month will be Sly 4 and the All Stars DLC!

Chapulin1286d ago

I want Soul Sacrifice now!!

Cam9771286d ago

When is it due to release? I personally think that it looks fantastic.

Hanso1286d ago

Sometime this year in the west
for japan its march i believe..
I cant wait for Ys Celceta western announcement
I loved Ys 7(psp) on my Vita great action rpg

TheLastGuardian1285d ago

I wonder when Guacamelee! is going to come out. I can't wait to play it.