Amazon: Resident Evil 6 for $30

Amazon has slashed the price of Resident Evil 6 to $30.

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asmith23061462d ago

Really? I bought it for 35 two months ago but still haven't played it. Did it not receive some updates?

FarCryLover1821462d ago

SOunds like it's not worth it, even to you since you've yet to play it over 60 days from buying it.

PhantomTommy1462d ago

It would take alot more than a few updates to make an evening with Resi 6 bearable.

hennessey861462d ago

Through games on demand for 24.99

bryam19821462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Trash still trash dosent matter the price !

BlackWolf1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

The price cut just makes it... let's say, a less regrettable purchase?

isyourhouseonfire1462d ago

RE6 may be the second best RE ever, losing only to RE5, but its a little old now to be acting like $30 is a good deal... Better yet, do us a favor and build on it and release RE7 already.

roshi19871462d ago

You are one of a kind. So young and/or stupid.

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