This is what a next-generation version of Minecraft could look like

DSOGaming writes: "Now this is really interesting. Reddit’s user ‘okitobi2′ shared an image of what supposedly a CryEngine 3 version of Minecraft could look like. Unfortunately for everyone, this picture does not seem like a mod or standalone project created with CryEngine 3′s SDK, but rather a real image that suggests how close a CryEngine 3-powered Minecraft game could look like. And even though this might put off some people, another Redditor has shared a video from a game with a procedural world, powered by Crytek’s engine, that looks sweet as hell. This video shows indeed what a next-gen version of Minecraft could look like, even though we’d ask for textures of even higher quality. Enjoy!"

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claud31915d ago

So it looks like Oblivion

ninjagoat1915d ago

i could see this working but i aint going anywhere without my dark and red matter tools :).

shivvy241915d ago

what DO you mean next gen , It should already be looking like this !

Blackdeath_6631915d ago

exactly what i was gonna say PC's already look many times better than this. the reason minecraft looks like it does i because it is supposed to look retro-like. infact there are many high-res texture packs that look many times better than the video. this is not next gen at all just another silly article why do people even approve this?

Kinger89381915d ago

I dont play minecraft but i thought its looks and retro graphics style was what people love about it, its unique

BillySpandex1915d ago

I love Minecraft and Terraria, and if something like this was released on either XBL, PSN or Steam, I'd buy it.

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