'Halo 4' community playlist detailed for Monday's release

XMNR: 343 Industries announced details Sunday for the first community playlist coming in Monday's update to "Halo 4" on the Xbox 360.

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aviator1891917d ago

This is one update I'm really excited about.

Good thing I've got college off tomorrow. :)

Rockubot1917d ago

I can't wait for tomorrow for the new Spartan Ops and the new playlists.

Belking1917d ago

Today has been great so far. The Spurs drew with United,the Pats lost to the Ravens, my 49rs beat a tough Falcon team, and to start the week off, Halo 4 releases new content tomorrow on Xbox live. It will be a day of awesome xbox360 game play all day. Life is good.

sandman2241917d ago

This is good news. I like what 343 is doing. Halo 4 is amazing. It just needs more maps. I also can't wait for the new dlc comming out.

StreetsofRage1917d ago

About time! The most common complaint is the maps. The game mechanics is perfect. We just need more maps. Everybody wants to play damn Exile in BTB.

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