Sony Dismisses PlayTV Price/Date Report

Sony has firmly distanced itself from a listing on that puts the price and release date of PlayTV at GBP 99.99 (about EUR 130) on 28th March.

"We have not confirmed the price and release date of PlayTV to anyone, and that includes retailers," a Sony spokesperson told Eurogamer

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MaximusPrime3947d ago

if the price will be lower, that will put a smile on my face.

Ben10543947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

I know that you would probably pay more for a normal freeview recorder (or what ever there called). but thats not what were paying for, all it is is a little box that allows a tv ariel to connect to the ps3, the ps3 does the recording and all the rest

OC Shock Value3947d ago

I absolutely agree.. The smile will start off small.. then casually grow into a wal mart roll back price smile.

eagle213947d ago

I am glad EU gets it first. Enjoy.

heyheyhey3947d ago

please be below £70

i really want this but £100 is too damn much- especially with all the games i need to buy

LSDARBY3947d ago

I dont think £100 is that expensive, the menu is slick and stylish. And the ability to play games while recording tv is awsome.

Vip3r3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Will anyone from the US actually be importing this when it out in Europe? But I agree with Maximus Prime with the price being lowered. All the better for us. 8)