Should Battlefield 4 even have a campaign?

Michael Urban from discusses why maybe a single-player campaign for the inevitable Battlefield 4 is not only unnecessary, but also potentially harmful.

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aviator1891952d ago

If it has a good campaign with a nice story, then I'll play it. But that Battlefield 3 campaign was just not that great, imo.

iamnsuperman1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Exactly, I agree. They have a lot to do to improve on BF3 campaign. So much wrong with that campaign. If, after completing. do I struggle to choose a level to replay then something is wrong.

What they need to do is make the campaign logical with fun missions. One big issue with the campaign was it went through a set formula. Go to a place, Kill X amount of people, then proceed to the next place. You were punished for taken the fight to the enemy by your men refusing to follow and stayed in their predetermined location. BF3 campaign was poor

deadpoole1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

I tend to skip campaign in favor of Multiplayer which is mostly I buy my games for. Campaign section of games only comes into my perspective when online services are going through some sort of downtime, but then again that rarely happens ... :)

BattleAxe1952d ago

I think they should skip BF4 and make Bad Company 3 instead. I love all the characters BF:BC1

Reverent1952d ago

Ah, I really wanna agree with BattleAxe because I really do love Bad Company, but I just can't wait for Battlefield 4... I loved both Battlefield 2 and 3 so much, and there was so much improvement needed in Battlefield 2, and while much more refined, so much was dumbed down in Battlefield 3 (Compared to 2 at least). I'm really dying for Battlefield 4 in hopes that they find a good middle ground between refinement and true hardcore gameplay.

Red_Orange_Juice1952d ago

I'd like them to do an online campaign, with set of missions for 4-6 players maybe, like Bad Company but with real people. That would be a neat feature, how many really care about offline single player in Battlefield. Such campaign could have a scripted offline variant too.

Mr_cheese1952d ago

To encourage team work it would be good if once you died, your out of that campaign and have to restart it whilst your team mates carry on. This could be a great feature because it would stop people thinking they are "rambo" and create a much more constructive environment.

just an idea.

Reverent1952d ago

@Mr_cheese, that would probably inspire a lot of rage quitting though (at least when you play with randoms)but I agree, there really would have to be some sort of mechanic in place to enforce team cooperation, and cautious gameplay.

doogiebear1952d ago

Please become a game designer. That was a good idea and a smart analysis of what the average BF fan cares about. We don't care about single player, but a Bad Company type of funny story played with buddies in co op would be good times.

omi25p1952d ago

i enjoyed it. But i only played it once.

AngelicIceDiamond1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Most FPS in general have crappy and forgotten campaign's anyway. At this point including campaigns seems like a "fan service" rather than trying to tell a very compelling story You know, kinda how Video games were bread to do....

Its all about MP and nickel and diming people out of DLC these days.

cannon88001952d ago

I agree, the single player campaign wasn't very special or memorable, but the multiplayer, oh boy it's one of a kind.

BillySpandex1952d ago

I enjoyed Bad Company's campaign, but then I doubt that offbeat humour would work for a proper Battlefield game. Having said that, Battlefield 3's campaign was just dismal. It was just so incredibly bland. I haven't even bothered to finish it, and I doubt I ever will.

(The multiplayer kept me going though, and after nearly 1000 hours, it's still my go-to game)

doogiebear1952d ago

Make up your mind. U say humor is no good, then call BF 3 bland. If it's one or the other, gimme humor.

BillySpandex1952d ago

@Donbear I think you need to re-read what I wrote. I never said that humour was "no good". The first Bad Company game didn't take itself seriously, and it was brilliant because it wasn't trying to be a serious first person shooter. It felt more like a buddy comedy set in a warzone.

However, Battlefield 3 has already set the stage for being a more serious franchise, and if they changed it up for 4, the peanut gallery would grumble. And yes, the campaign for BF3 was bland. It was terrible, and it had the worst set pieces in a FPS game to date (only Homefront come close to its inanity)

ATi_Elite1952d ago

Yes it should and the Campaign should be a 4 hour tutorial on how to PROPERLY play the MP mode and be effective.

1. Learn to Fly and not during MP games
2. Learn to capture a flag
3. Never camp
4. and for Heavens sake drop ammo, medkits, etc..
5. Do not camp when your the friggin Attacker on Rush mode

iamnsuperman1952d ago

Games that have glorified tutorails as a campaign often have poor campaigns

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

They need to keep it focused on pc. If they try to turn it into cod for consoles I will disappoint. EA will do it though..

awi59511952d ago

It better not use punkbuster i know one thing.

aviator1891952d ago

most definitely. i hate that feature.

Andreas-Sword1952d ago

I want Battlefield 4 with only Multiplayer-Mode!
I don not want a Singleplayer-Mode!

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nofallouthero1952d ago

bf3 campain i felt was too scripted with too many qte's.
the on rails flying section brought a sad tear to my eye.

aviator1891952d ago

I agree. that on rails section was what killed it for me.

but, thankfully, the mp is awesome.

JonahNL1952d ago

Battlefield 3's campaign wasn't exactly the second coming of Christ, but I did enjoy it. I'm up for another campaign like BF3's one. If there's anything they should improve, then it's the co-op. If they want to take both the singleplayer and co-op to a next level in Battlefield 4 they should combine the two and have a full-fledged, four-player co-op campaign.

Pandamobile1952d ago

Pretty much this.

I wasn't expecting a Half-Life 2 quality single-player experience when I played BF3's campaign.

It was had a decent story with the same great gameplay from the multiplayer, beautiful graphics and environments that left me more or less satisfied with my experience. It wasn't top notch, but it was enough to keep me fairly entertained throughout.

Optical_Matrix1952d ago

I honestly don't see the need. Battlefield 3's was pretty but that's about it. Just focus on making a phenomenal multiplayer. I've put nearly 500 hours into Battlefield 3's multiplayer and I'd happily be content if BF4 was multiplayer only.

However, the issue is that in today's AAA climate, you have to kind of check the boxes so to speak. Game must have a set piece driven single player, multiplayer component, XP system etc. Just look at Tomb Raider. So in that respect I think a campaign is inevitable. But personally I don't see the point.

FarCryLover1821952d ago

Yeah sure, but make it more open like the BC series.

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