GTA 5 info overload: 31 need-to-know details

The mere mention of those three fabled words "Grand Theft Auto" sees the hype barometer sky-rocket. Wild theories and excitable yapping noises follow in their wake. Leave it to us, then, to sift through the static and provide the authoritative guide to GTA 5's Los Santos, its surroundings and the skies above..

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N0S3LFESTEEM1921d ago

I'm not certain but most of the Screenshots put out by R* look to incorporate some form of SSAO... I don't know how that's possible with current gen specs especially concerning the scope of this game but I could also be confusing it with the art style of the game.

Jovahkiin1919d ago

This article is a repost.

BitbyDeath1919d ago

There is only two need to know details-
Will there be Tanks & Cheats?

1919d ago