7 Steps to Rebuild the PS4 Controller

Dealspwn writes: Scouring through patents, blueprints, rumours and ‘twitter leaks’ (aka bollocks) has put us on a seemingly endless chase in recent months for information about what we’re getting from the next-generation of consoles. With the Wii U sitting uncomfortably between two generations, Sony’s task of judging where to go next with their controller in an unenviable one. Do they once again add minor tweaks to the DualShock, an iconic controller that’s dutifully served them and millions of gamers for over a decade, or move forwards to keep up with what may turn out to be the popular trend in years to come?

There were undoubtedly some tough choices made at the drawing board, or perhaps nothing is set in stone yet, the rumours of a March reveal simply digital whispers and Sony will be gluing together a prototype minutes before this year’s E3 presentation. Fingers crossed they don’t try anything like that ridiculous bananarang redesign that they tried for the PS3.

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Brian1rr2130d ago

Just put a better battery and give me more colors

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2130d ago

Make it like the 360's, and use the DS digital pad.

GreenRanger2130d ago

Just leave it the way it is but change the L2 and R2 buttons so they don't feel so loose.

turgore2130d ago

Split it in the middle. Add motion controls.

Now you have the physical layout of the dualshock we love, it is more comfortable to hold, and has motion controls. Best of both worlds.

DudeJets2130d ago

Make the triggers more triggerish but don't do gay joystick alignment like a 360

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The story is too old to be commented.