Grand Theft Auto: Lessons Rockstar Needs to Learn

StickSkills says: Grand Theft Auto IV starts off so strong. You're introduced to Niko, a fairly likable character with a dark past, and his cousin Roman, a man who clearly likes to think he's more successful than he actually is, but remains endearing despite that. Niko wants a new life, one like Roman's--free of death and crime. Unfortunately for him, it's not to be, as Roman's life has its own paths into the underbelly of Liberty City.

This sets up the game wonderfully, and as you play, you forgive the fact that the shooting isn't all that great, climbing is clunky, moving Niko around is awkward and numerous other faults the core mechanics of the game have. You overlook those because the story hooks you, because Liberty City feels like a real place--a dense, populated, living city. Evidently, this seems to be the part that garnered the game such rave reviews. Whenever people talked about GTA IV, they always mentioned the amazing feeling of the city, never the actual gameplay.

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Lionheart3771950d ago

The team always impresses me with each release, but with how stale this current console cycle is, I don't know what they can do.

AIndoria1950d ago

Erm...current console cycle is...stale? O_o

bozebo1950d ago

Staleness depends on the games... So, they are making it... fresher?

Red_Orange_Juice1950d ago

One thing I really want is return of Caps n Crooks but with random getaway vehicle placement. Way too often those playing as cops went straight to escape point.

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ScubaSteve11950d ago

i want the parachutes, airplanes, back that's all

FarCryLover1821950d ago

WEll you got that back. You should be wanting more.

omi25p1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

GTA IV was easily my favorite.

I liked all the characters that were you're "friends"

I thought the story was very well paced out, it was a nice long story. GTA should always be a long game because they have to tell an entire characters story in 1 game.

GTA IV Had plenty of over the top missions, Three leaf clover, the libertonian come to mind.

I don't know what missions people think were over the top i GTA III and GTA Vice but to me they seemed pretty much the same as GTA IV its just GTA IV had a darker theme.

The whole niko wanting money thin always reminds me of Walter White. He says he wants a normal life. But he enjoys his job to much.

There is even a part in the game after the fight at the museum where he says he had fun killing them.

LarVanian1950d ago

There wasn't enough variety in GTAIV's missions though. One of the things I didn't like about GTAIV was that during companion missions, Niko was always the one doing the driving while either Packie or Little Jacob etc would do the shooting. One of the things I loved about San Andreas and Vice City Stories were the cinematic missions involving CJ or Victor focusing on shooting while someone else did the driving.

omi25p1950d ago

The shooting instead of driving literally only happened twice in San Andreas and once in Vice.

What were the "huge" Variety of the missions in The previous two

LarVanian1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Well I never actually said that there was a huge variety of missions in the previous two. And I didn't mention Vice City, I mentioned Vice City Stories.
But yeah if you want me to tell you about the variety of missions in San Andreas then that's no problem. In San Andreas there were gang territory missions, bank robbing, stealth missions, underwater missions and airplane missions. The shooting instead of driving happened more than twice in San Andreas by the way. But all I'm saying is that it didn't happen once in GTAIV.
GTAIV mission structure mostly involved going to a warehouse and having a tedious shoot-up or assassinating some guy who has nothing to do with the story. The only two real over the top missions that I can think of from the top of my head were the Three-Leaf Clover mission and the final mission.

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