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Grand Theft Auto: Lessons Rockstar Needs to Learn

StickSkills says: Grand Theft Auto IV starts off so strong. You're introduced to Niko, a fairly likable character with a dark past, and his cousin Roman, a man who clearly likes to think he's more successful than he actually is, but remains endearing despite that. Niko wants a new life, one like Roman's--free of death and crime. Unfortunately for him, it's not to be, as Roman's life has its own paths into the underbelly of Liberty City.

This sets up the game wonderfully, and as you play, you forgive the fact that the shooting isn't all that great, climbing is clunky, moving Niko around is awkward and numerous other faults the core mechanics of the game have. You overlook those because the story hooks you, because Liberty City feels like a real place--a dense, populated, living city. Evidently, this seems to be the part that garnered the game such rave reviews. Whenever people talked about GTA IV, they always mentioned the amazing feeling of the city, never the actual gameplay. (Culture, Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto V, Industry, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Lionheart377  +   706d ago
The team always impresses me with each release, but with how stale this current console cycle is, I don't know what they can do.
AIndoria  +   706d ago
Erm...current console cycle is...stale? O_o
bozebo  +   705d ago
Staleness depends on the games... So, they are making it... fresher?
Ritsujun  +   705d ago
Lionheart377 is stale.
Red_Orange_Juice  +   706d ago
One thing I really want is return of Caps n Crooks but with random getaway vehicle placement. Way too often those playing as cops went straight to escape point.
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ScubaSteve1  +   706d ago
i want the parachutes, airplanes, back that's all
FarCryLover182  +   706d ago
WEll you got that back. You should be wanting more.
omi25p  +   706d ago
GTA IV was easily my favorite.

I liked all the characters that were you're "friends"

I thought the story was very well paced out, it was a nice long story. GTA should always be a long game because they have to tell an entire characters story in 1 game.

GTA IV Had plenty of over the top missions, Three leaf clover, the libertonian come to mind.

I don't know what missions people think were over the top i GTA III and GTA Vice but to me they seemed pretty much the same as GTA IV its just GTA IV had a darker theme.

The whole niko wanting money thin always reminds me of Walter White. He says he wants a normal life. But he enjoys his job to much.

There is even a part in the game after the fight at the museum where he says he had fun killing them.
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LarVanian  +   706d ago
There wasn't enough variety in GTAIV's missions though. One of the things I didn't like about GTAIV was that during companion missions, Niko was always the one doing the driving while either Packie or Little Jacob etc would do the shooting. One of the things I loved about San Andreas and Vice City Stories were the cinematic missions involving CJ or Victor focusing on shooting while someone else did the driving.
omi25p  +   705d ago
The shooting instead of driving literally only happened twice in San Andreas and once in Vice.

What were the "huge" Variety of the missions in The previous two
LarVanian  +   705d ago
Well I never actually said that there was a huge variety of missions in the previous two. And I didn't mention Vice City, I mentioned Vice City Stories.
But yeah if you want me to tell you about the variety of missions in San Andreas then that's no problem. In San Andreas there were gang territory missions, bank robbing, stealth missions, underwater missions and airplane missions. The shooting instead of driving happened more than twice in San Andreas by the way. But all I'm saying is that it didn't happen once in GTAIV.
GTAIV mission structure mostly involved going to a warehouse and having a tedious shoot-up or assassinating some guy who has nothing to do with the story. The only two real over the top missions that I can think of from the top of my head were the Three-Leaf Clover mission and the final mission.
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solidt12  +   706d ago
How do you come out with a lessons learned before the game even launches?
Lionheart377  +   706d ago
Read the article.
enkeixpress  +   706d ago
They learn with every new release of theirs. Rockstar Games <3

Just let them do their 'stuff' & enjoy the content they come out with. Of course, continue with giving the suggestions, tips & whatnot on forums, always helpful :)
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FlyingFoxy  +   706d ago
I personally found GTA 3 stale, Vice city was way better, San Andreas was great (especially online with 100 players at once on PC) IV was boring and too realistic, Liberty City stories was ok ish, Vice city stories was great.

They need to focus more on the game being fun than realism, for example the mutliplayer should be awesome in IV but it sucks ass, San Andreas MP mod however is great. Rockstar should take note of that, the mutliplauer has so much potential on PC to be great.
StreetsofRage  +   706d ago
People really need to look into Sleeping Dogs. Rockstar definitely needs to take a look at the gunplay and fight mechanics of this underrated gem. The gameplay and action in Sleeping Dogs is way better than any GTA in my opinion.
YodaCracker  +   706d ago
Aside from the hand-to-hand combat and the parkour movement, I believe GTA IV did everything better than Sleeping Dogs. The melee combat was also a much bigger focus for SD than it ever has been for GTA, so it had to be damn good. I especially could not stand the arcadey driving controls in SD. The vehicle handling is such an important part of these games, and it just feels like an afterthought in most of them. You can tell Rockstar really spent a lot of time perfecting the driving for GTA IV, and it paid off because IV's driving feels so much deeper and more dymamic than other games. No powersliding around every corner at full speed and stopping on a dime, thankfully.

Other developers need to learn from Rockstar, not vice versa.
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bluetoto  +   706d ago
That's what I love about gaming, just how different every gamer is. Everything you listed as a plus for gta4 was seen as a downer for many many gamers and many would disagree with everything you put down in SD.

It seems the fanbase is highly split as those of us that love SA seem to highly dislike 4 and vice versa,( by no means is this absolute of course ).

I'm curious as to see who they aim 5 at because if it plays like 4 it's a no buy for me, I won't berate them or the other side, there are just way too many games/systems coming out for us to act as such.
Scrivlar  +   706d ago
The driving in GTA IV was a total nightmare! every single car was horrendous at turning corners it felt like it weighed 50 tons trying to slowly crane the vehicle around every single bend.
Ritsujun  +   705d ago
You need to learn from UFG.
Fil101  +   706d ago
Good point but GTA IV was released in 2008 and rockstar have brought out 3 games since all with improved mechanics and I can see GTA V being the best yet.
calis  +   706d ago
I hope they change the predictable storyline they always follow.
thecowsaysmoo  +   706d ago
Yes, another grand theft auto = another school shooting.
rpd123  +   706d ago
Can't tell if serious...
thecowsaysmoo  +   706d ago

Hopefully this article will help you realize reality of these games.
rpd123  +   706d ago
That games cause violence is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard, and it sickens me that you buy into it. Wanna tell me how all of Europe and Australia manages to have the same exact games yet none of them turn out to be mass murderers. The problem is not games, the problem is how easy it is for people to get weapons and how the warning signs for the mentally unstable are ignored. What's more likely- mentally disturbed people who committed violent crime happened to also play video games (one of the most popular hobbies among teenagers) or that these video games turned perfectly sane people into violent crimals?
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Kurt Russell  +   705d ago
I think it's more to do with the availability of guns than of games. I'm in the UK and there is an extremely low gun crime rate... because we can't have them without reason (farmers - shot guns).
Funky_Homosapien  +   706d ago
GTA IV was the worst of the bunch it took itself to serious and looked plain ridiculous.
_-EDMIX-_  +   706d ago
funny misunderstanding. Its not a subjective change, it was a technical change. That literally didn't have room for the old GTA features, thus it being "serious" was a nice way to say "we don't have the room for those old crazy features that made GTA...GTA"
Y_5150  +   706d ago
I'm a huge fan of the flying car cheat and hovercar cheat. I want a lot of awesome cheats this time around a and the super punch cheat in the games makes me lol!
Veneno  +   706d ago
Despite being the weakest GTA release in quality, GTA4 was still the biggest in terms of financial success. I dont think Rockstar will learn anything from it at all.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   705d ago
I don't know if it was the weakest in terms of quality... maybe the weakest in terms of features since it's like going back to GTA III. It's been my favorite game for the past 4 years now... only made possible by the Realistic driving mod, Icenhancer, and the first person mod. I'm easily entertained by driving full speed down a sidewalk and the pretty lighting offered by enb. :3
Veneno  +   705d ago
Damn I wish I had the patience to be a P C gamer. I was back in the half life 2 days buts its gonna take half life 3 to get me back in.
cyguration  +   705d ago
Quite the opposite for me. GTA IV is the only GTA I still play (realism mods + car mods from Gran Turismo/Forza = epic fun).

As others have mentioned, it just seems to be preference. The gun mechanics in GTA IV with the realism mod is identical to Max Payne 3 save for being able to jump-dodge, this made GTA IV very replayable and the shootouts exceptionally fun.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   705d ago
Half life 3 is just a fable.
black911  +   706d ago
Never let the 360 hold you back! When Sony announced Bluray and I found out what it was capable of. The first game that came to my head was GTA and the Possibilities. Dont let 360 hold you back again with GTA5.
_-EDMIX-_  +   706d ago
Was just going to say that. Rockstar themselves stated that MS's DVD "hindered" the games development and clearly limited the game's potential. Games get bigger, NOT smaller.

That being said, Rockstars only "lesson" is to NOT MAKE A GTA IF YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH SPACE. GTAIV is by FAR one of the worst GTA's to release. Put it this way, after GTAV, GTAVI and GTAVII....will anyone really go back to the crap that GTAIV is?

I went back and played GTAIII, AND GTAVC after I played GTASA. A great game is a great game, but if I can't even find myself going back to it even once after I beat it...it failed. GTAIV will forever be that one GTA game that is so limited it will find no real replay value and get lost. GTAV signals NO coming back, once people get that old GTA style, there can never be any stupid compromises because of space issues (cough MS, cough DVD)
Tornadobounce  +   705d ago
Man these guys dont need lessons, they've been driving this shit aaaaaalll night loooooong
NYC_Gamer  +   705d ago
R* will expand the genre with GTA V...

1)New type of single and online gameplay
2) Story
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hivycox  +   705d ago
put GTA on all devices...thats a all!
Rockstar needs to learn to put their games on all devices at the same time... why can't we have GTA V for PC and Wii U at the same fucking time as the versions for ps3 and 360... I mean other devs can do it why you don'T ???

And furthermore versions for PC and WiiU aren't even confirmed...bullshit -.-
NYC_Gamer  +   705d ago
GTA games always come out later on PC..I'm buying the best console version[performance wise]to hold me over until the PC version is launched...I'm happy for the delay i want GTA V to have full dx11 features along with Nvidia PhysX support..
bozebo  +   705d ago
I would love to buy it on PC day 1, but it makes sense for them to delay it on PC.
They know a lot of PC gamers own at least a PS3/360 as well and will want it on PC too (even if they wait for a Steam sale etc.). So they can get another load of sales that way, more money = it will be done (also, even if the PC version is sold digitally for $25 that is more profit for Take2/Rockstar than a boxed sale).

I can sympathize with the likeliness of piracy too - they will be seeing it (on PC) as something that would eat into console sales too. Though a 360 or PS3 version will likely be leaked before launch, few people mod their consoles to play pirated games. Millions of people will be wanting this game as soon as it's out so the PC piracy effect is worth them caring about.

If there is a Wii-U version in the works it will probably be the hardest to engineer the game for, they've been working on it already for years and had the engine running on other platforms already. They won't be wanting to spend a lot of man hours supporting the Wii-U until they can take a closer look at it's market share (again, most owners will already have a 360 or PS3 to buy GTA5 on so what do Rockstar/Take2 get out of it? They can't just release it cheap for duplicate sales like on PC because of the overheads of it being a console release).

Unless 10 million people boycott the game because they are being slightly mean about making a little more profit of a (what I presume will be) great game, which they deserve, they don't need to put the game on all devices at the same time.
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cyguration  +   705d ago
Just so you know, Halo 4, Gears of War 3 and other triple-A games are pirated on the Xbox 360 about as much as triple-A games on PC.

The stats are available on Torrentfreak.
hivycox  +   705d ago
yeah but don't big games like GTA generate a big userbase...the wii u is new to the party..just like the ps3 and xbox 360 were back then...
but I can see your point here...But if there isn't a GTA VI on the wiiu I'M very much pissed then...
bozebo  +   705d ago
I'm pretty sure GTA5 ticks all the boxes ;)
stefan771  +   705d ago
Dan Houser needs to learn how to write a focused story

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