PSN's Trophy System Seriously Needs Some Work

"The title of this article may shock you, because the trophy system is honestly a very well built system that has had some nice improvements over the year, and it is my favorite system over all consoles for many reasons, but in all honesty, it is actually hugely limited as to what it could actually do, what I actually envision it to be one day. If you find the trophy and achievement systems on Microsoft and Sony’s official consoles to be the best that they can be right now, then I really advise you to read this article. I used to think they couldn’t add much more to the trophy system than it has already, but then I started thinking…"

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iamnsuperman2153d ago

I think it is well built and does what an achievement system should do. Saying this I agree with the progress bar. What a great idea.

Red_Orange_Juice2153d ago

They should really expand on trophies especially online. Sony should create an official website like psntrophies or playstationtrophies and have all crazy rankings and stats, that would be popular.
They're really addicting especially because of platinums and ability to just compare trophies isnt enough

SilentNegotiator2152d ago

You're already able to look at trophies on the playstation site.

And hey, this site must be taking notes from Kotaku; report a story or write an editorial and then go after the subject of that article with another article.

kreate2152d ago

yea. that shiny blue platinum trophy is what makes the difference. i need more of those.

jadenkorri2152d ago

i would so get more into home, if that trophy system was implemented that errod88 linked. i haven't logged into home for at least 6 months maybe more

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StraightPath2153d ago

It would be better to just get a life then waste time away on worthless trophies.

p.s on xbox 360 you can delete games which have 0 achievements.

WeAreLegion2153d ago

So that people don't know you suck at them? I don't think so...

calis2153d ago

Yeah pretty sure most of us don't care what random gamers who think trophies are some kind of social standing think about 0% games.

EeJLP-2152d ago

@Crow, calis, and agreers

Pretty sure I'd rather not have my trophy list cluttered up with garbage I just wanted to try out for 5 minutes.

0% has nothing to do with sucking at the game and more to do with the game sucking.

The way it is now, if you don't want your list cluttered, you have to go onto a different profile to test games and demos (just in case they add to your list also, like the Free Realms demo). It's a dumb, wasteful process. Just give the ability to remove or hide trophies you don't want.

calis2152d ago

I'm in your corner. I personally do not care about my trophy numbers, or why they should be added if you're just testing a game but I also do not get why there is no option to remove them.

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GuyThatPlaysGames2152d ago

I like trophies but I have one disagreement that trophies and achievements share, and that is the stupid simple achievements/trophies. An example is you enter online multiplayer and you get a trophy. Kill your first enemy and get a trophy. All trophies/achievements should be worthy of achieving and not just handed to you.

aquamala2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

ever since the new PS store update it now takes forever (minutes!) to look at trophies, I think it's safe to say now that the only person that would take the time to look at your trophies is ... you

and what I don't understand is if you just go to this web page (replace the XXXXX with a psn handle) it comes up instantly

Jaces2152d ago

The only flaw I find with the system is the status bar for each game. I have 100% on most games I've played but that damn DLC addition kills my 100% and knocks me down to 60 or 70. It's beyond infuriating for a completionist like myself.

Don't bother telling me to buy the DLC and beat it because DLC is just another word for content that should have been in game but was cut due to greed.

pixelsword2152d ago

Isn't there already a progress bar when you look on your profile when you are on the firend's list?

Kalowest2152d ago

Some games have a built in "progress bars" like Resistance 3 and Gears of War 3. But yes their should be a universal one.

showtimefolks2152d ago

I rather have trophies than achievement points

There are many thing any did wrong this gen and many ms did right with xblive

Cross game chat-good
Xblive points system instead of real money-bad/stupid
Achievement-ms started something nice

Ps3 trophies Sony took the achievement idea and made it more gamer friendly, I mean who doesn't like trophies

So while the trophy system could use SE small tweaks that I am sure will get for ps4 launch p, I am not sure t needs an over haul

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GalacticEmpire2153d ago

Even if it's the best there's always room for improvement, just don't fix the things that aren't broken.

PirateThom2153d ago

Game percentage and DLC percentage can be separate, but it's up to the developers to programme it that way.

Just as a point of note.

BlindMango2153d ago

Game trophies and DLC/add-on trophies can, in-fact, be separated as far as organization goes. However, when it comes to seeing the game's total percentage in the list of games, it could be at 100% after the game releases, but could drop to say 85% when DLC comes out, then when selecting the game you can see the progress of the main game then all the pieces of DLC. I don't mind it too much and see how it makes sense, but it is still a fairly popular requested feature to make two percentage bars, one for the main game, and one for all the cumulative DLC

JD_Shadow2152d ago

The only problem could come with those games that have multiple pieces of DLC that all have their own trophy lists. If you have something for a game like, let's say, Burnout Paradise, that has a few DLC packs that add new trophies to the game, the amount of bars that would end up being there would just crowd everything up, and the end result would just get messy. Where would all those bars go that would keep things as neat and tidy as they are.

I could understand if a game has one major DLC item that added some trophies (and even that is questionable), but for a game that has several additions, it's going to get dumb in a hurry, I think it's much more feasible to be able to use the main menu item as a folder, and it's not broken.

Soldierone2152d ago

I hate that. It makes it seem like i didn't even try to finish some games.... I get 100 percent, look at it later and its at 65 percent.... I don't feel like buying every piece of overpriced DLC to "finish" these games.

Hellsvacancy2153d ago

I RARELY compare trophies, it takes way to long to sync

pandaboy2153d ago

Took me 15 mins to sync once. Truly pathetic.

Reverent2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

Agreed. Honestly, that could really be the only thing I would complain about. Sony's trophy system would be perfectly fine if it synced faster. On my old account (back when I got a PS3 at launch) ?I never bothered to look through my trophies until like last year, and I was level 18... I left my PS3 sit on over night while my trophies synced and they still weren't finished by the time I woke up (about 6 hours later). I just gave up and have never bothered to try syncing them since lol.

Soldierone2152d ago

If it does it again, try "rebuilding the database" on your PS3. I had the same issue, I did that, and now it syncs up faster. It keeps getting slow though, and "comparing" trophies still sucks. I hate how it locks up too, so if you accidentally press it you are screwed for 5 minutes.

wsoutlaw872153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

plus helps for that. also doing it more frequently helps to

DOMination-2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

I Dont see why you should get plus just for that. It should sync when you unlock. The fact the vita is the same is ridiculous because it means Sony have built a stupid system and can't fix it.

Hicken2152d ago

It should sync when you unlock it? You mean, even if you're offline?

The Vita, by the way, is NOT the same: trophies you unlock are synced instantly, provided you're online. Never had any trouble with that on mine.

And you wouldn't get Plus JUST to sync trophies, but it's a welcome bonus.

The only thing stupid is the entirety of your comment. Luckily, you've got another bubble; you should try and fix it.

As for the trophy system itself, it's not so much that it "seriously needs some work." The title makes it seem like it's a broken system, when it seems to be more about what improvements or additions they'd like to see.

DOMination-2152d ago

Hicken, you really shouldn't get so offended by what some guy on an internet forum says. We can all have different opinions without resorting to petty personal insults can't we?

As for bubbles - until last week I had a good track record in this place, but then in an article about the new Microsoft London studio, it was filled with idiots. My comment was literally "I can't believe there are so many troll comments above me" and I predictably got reported and banned for three days. So if you could give that back as it was probably you who took it from me in the first place, that would be great.

I have a Vita and I have never noticed instant syncing. I do tend to play only classics on it though, so maybe that's why and an unfair assumption on my part. If that's actually the case then fair play, and disregard my last comment. I hope this is in PS4.

My first comment still stands though - it's ridiculous that the PS3 can't do that. And obviously, if you're offline, it would sync automatically when you sign in. It can't be that hard, the other console has done it for 7 years.

pixelsword2152d ago

DOM's right, auto syncing shouldn't be a caveat of Plus, Sony should make all technological improvements open to everyone who bought the console.

BlindMango2152d ago

The Vita allows you to always view your trophy list and if you have trophies that need to be synced, then those trophies are synced in the "background" when viewing your trophy list. It shows the progress bar for the sync at the top-left while you are in the trophy app and doesn't disturb or interrupt you viewing your trophies,

A much better way of doing it, but still not exactly instant syncing once the trophy is awarded

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MizTv2153d ago

It was better than nothing
And I'm very happy with it

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