Playstation Allstars Battle Royale Review |

Playstation All-Stars is a fun and easy to play brawler, with a plethora of Sony's biggest badasses. Battle Royale finds our badasses squaring off to see who is the ultimate coverboy for a brand that has spanned the globe, and brought entertainment to households

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TrustMe1916d ago

Awesome review! I really feel like too many people have neglected this game and just dismissed it as merely a Smash Bros. clone when the only similarities they share is that they are Mascot Brawlers.

garos821915d ago

Been playing this since day one and it is certainly a great's very competitive and has that "just one more go" addictive streak to it.
Very pleased with the purchase and with 2 new characters coming for free I have a feeling I'll be on it for a while still

PS3gamer4life1915d ago

I still need to get the game