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Negative World writes: One of the current hot topics in the world of video gaming is whether or not Japanese developers are still relevant in an increasingly Western-dominated industry. I am never quite sure exactly what is meant by “relevant” (sales? quality?), but I submit this for your consideration; until the West makes a game where you play as a high school girl elected president of your country who must then travel around in a huge flying robot liberating said country from its enemies, Japanese developers will continue to remain relevant to my gaming needs. Take that, Call of Duty clones!

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Snookies121919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Hahaha, that paragraph made me laugh... Yes though, Japanese developers are still very relevant to me.

Kalowest1919d ago

That paragraph is so awesome, and so very true; that's why I play Japanese games.

Venox20081919d ago

loving the game, another great game from Suda51

1919d ago
EddieNX 1919d ago

mmmmm , In my opinion Not only is Japanese Gaming still ''relevant'' it's the best. Zelda , Mario , Smash Bros , Metal Gear , Ni no Kuni , Xenoblade , etc etc etc.

Download Crimson Shroud for 3DS aswell as LM , They both kick major level 5 ass.

RogueStatus281919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Unchained Blades was a great game, I don't know why anyone would dislike it.

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