DmC: Devil May Cry Angry Review

Angry Joe takes on Ninja Theory's reboot of the iconic Devil May Cry franchise, declaring it a great game.

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LOGICWINS1953d ago

I love the effort this guy puts into his reviews.

WolfLeBlack1953d ago

Quite honestly, I never actually used to like Angry Joe all that much, something just irked me about his reviews. But over the past year as I've been looking to try and improve my writing and find different angles to view aspects of games from I've come to have far more appreciation for the stuff he does.

Hats off on what I felt to be a fair review, here.

LOGICWINS1953d ago

I lol'd at 1:27. But yeah, you can tell he has a deep passion for gaming. Every review I've seen of his is dead on.

pandehz1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

His reviews are the most entertaining.

Its so much more than a review

But this one is a little too subjective and lacks a multifaceted reasoning.

Not saying I have a preference for anything in particular but what if someone liked emo or gothic or whatever then is it bad? In any case Dante is not emo. That one trailer may have looked emo. Joe got it wrong. Also his point of reference seems to be purely the previous DMC's which it is not and is not even trying to be.

Joe come on your reviews are dam fun, this is too actually :D but srsly get your act together if you want ppl to take it seriously as a review.

LOGICWINS1953d ago

"Not saying I have a preference for anything in particular but what if someone liked emo or gothic or whatever then is it bad?"

He acknowledged in that video that the whole emo Dante thing was HIS opinion and others MAY feel differently. Reviews are supposed to be a mix of subjectivity and objectivity. Joe managed to strike a balance between the two.

pandehz1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )


'Joe managed to strike a balance between the two'

LOL no he didnt. Right off he started with the emo thingy and exaggerated it. WHenevr he got a chance to critique he went and exaggerated it again and again of course to make it fun and is easy to stereotype than redefine.

Also to prove my point he ended it with the emo thingy. Its also kinda hard to remember any pros that he mentions. Its there but the way he shows the bad easily outdoes the good. How does he strike a balance? Did you watch some other video? Joe is known for going melodramatic on his vids if not over-exaggerating if that's even a word. Here its almost propaganda to make ppl hate it. It makes his vids fun and it genuinely cracks me up at times but again like I mentioned if he wants his reviews taken seriously then he needs to be multifaceted about it. Not just his subjectivity.

Blacktric1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

"LOL no he didnt. Right off he started with the emo thingy and exaggerated it. WHenevr he got a chance to critique he went and exaggerated it again and again of course to make it fun and is easy to stereotype than redefine."

Ever heard of this thing called "sarcasm"?

I heard it's all the rage nowadays...

xyyyr1953d ago

Joe is one of my favourite Youtubers and I have a lot of respect for him and the content he produces. I can understand from an outside point of view why Joe and old school DMC fans may not like the new Dante.

Unfortunately I have not experienced previous DMC games yet and this is my first game of the series. I am really enjoying it, I like the story and I like the new Dante, also I actually thought the part with the 'mop hair piece' was pretty funny.

Overall great, fair review as always, but it does show that the changes have annoyed Joe and makes the video seem slightly biased. Something which is very hard to avoid when you have such a strong passion for a game series.

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IAMERROR1953d ago

LMAO I died with the Blood on the dance floor in the beginning lmao! horrible music, horrible people

TekoIie1953d ago

What makes AJ awesome is every review has its integrity. Nothing ever seems out of place with a single score or point he makes during a review

You can always trust his reviews :)

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Mocat1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

lol nice review

DEATHxTHExKIDx1953d ago

Yep 7/10 great game. I knew hardcore fanboys were BS.

LOGICWINS1953d ago

It's basically a 7 out of ten for the hardcore DMC fans, but probably an 8.5 for casual hack and slash fans. The characterization of the new Dante(as Joe mentioned) is 100% subjective. And as I imagined, he thought the story and voice acting exceeded previous DMC games.

Also, the more accessible combat is a hit or miss depending on who you are. I know I'll enjoy the more forgiving combat because I found the originals frustrating at points.

I actually quit playing DMC1 for several months because I couldn't beat the last boss after more than an hour of attempts. Did eventually manage to beat it though lol.

AsimLeonheart1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

What? You couldnt even beat Mundus in DMC1. I beat him on DMD a few years back in order to unlock super Dante. No wonder CAPCOM dumbed down the game to appeal to players like you.

Sketchy_Galore1953d ago

Sorry Logic but I'm with Asim on this one. How dare you once not have been as good at playing games as he was. I am shocked and appalled.

Bimkoblerutso1953d ago

It was a good review. I gotta tell ya, I'm even a fan of Ninja Theory's past two games, but something about the story and characters in this one still rubbed me the wrong way. I pretty much hated Dante all the way through the game.

Not to say that I "liked" Dante in the past games either (I never really thought the one-liners were all that funny or clever, to be honest), but at least he didn't set off my douche-o-meter every time he opened his mouth.

I had absolutely no problem with NT going in a different direction with Dante, but I do think they went in the complete WRONG direction.

Add in some really ham-fisted social commentary and a very romanticized portrayal of an "anonymous-style" organization and you've got a pretentious, self-important narrative sprinkled with annoying characters. I was very surprised after enjoying the story and characters so much from their previous games.

WolfLeBlack1953d ago

The new Dante's personality is definately splitting opinions. Personally, I actually really liked him. Not at first, but as the game progressed the voice actor sold the character for me.

I honestly ended up liking him more than the old Dante, which surprised me quite a bit!

VileAndVicious1953d ago

I actually enjoyed this version of Dante. Admittedly before the first 5 missions or so he was a bit annoying. But about a quarter through I started to enjoy him as a character. I thought given his circumstances and what he had experienced he behaved how you'd expect a person to act.

abzdine1953d ago

i wish this guy reviewed PS3 games as well. I like his way to review he's so objective and he has a great gaming background.

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