Sony intros Next-gen Blu-ray Players : "Better Than PS3"

There have been a lot of problems with Blu-Ray. The first players lacked network connections, and didn't have local storage, but the latest player solves both those problems, adding a full 1GB of storage and a wired Ethernet port.

That means film fans who want the goodness of Blu-Ray, and a truly future-proofed bit of kit can finally avoid parking a PS3 under the TV. Hallelujah, praise be to Sony!
Out "fall 2008" | £255 ($500)


Made a mistake with my submission. This is the actual link:

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decapitator3917d ago

Yeah but the PS3 is cheaper, still. So for all you out there, if you are still interested in buying a blu-ray player since the war is officially over, You might wanna still go with the PS3 since you can get it for $399.

Bordel_19003917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

This player is cheaper than a PS3, player costs 255£ and the PS3 costs 299£.

Prices may vary, but these are the retail prices.

Don't compare the $500 with the PS3 $399. Cause this player will be like $349 or less in the US.

Everything is much cheaper in the US, in Europe prices are almost twice of the US prices.

I think the PS3 is a very good Blu-ray player and it's awesome value for money.

sonarus3917d ago

This inevitable. Ps3 - ability to play games cannot remain the cheapest/best blu ray player forever. The good news is most likely sony will drop the price to extend the advantage of being cheaper. Once blu ray players take off blu ray drives will get cheaper so ps3 will once again have the opportunity to drop in price

wallace10003917d ago

Plus these players have the audio support that the PS3 is lacking. I am glad to see other companies introducing players like the BD50. Choice is good :-)

robbo9183917d ago

You post a story description and title that are NOT in the actual article. Wow, talk about making it what you want. How is it so much better than PS3 when PS3 can update to 2.0? Stories like this shouldn't be approved with intro's like yours. Reported as bad editing.

wallace10003917d ago

To be fair it does have better audio support than the PS3, along with everything else that a PS3 offers as a blu-ray player. Therefore, if you were solely buying a blu-ray player, are these new players not better because they have more features?


In the end every single person bashing blu ray will own a blu ray player or a ps3 . I mean like you said you cant ignore all the things you can do with the ps3 ....And it hasnt even scratch the surface yet...

Guwapo773917d ago

The PS3 supports those sounds. They are finally releasing BD standalones that match the PS3. Also, BD-Live will be an update to the PS3 once those get close to coming to the market. This is standard news if you follow the Blu-Ray market. But here is a link.

Oh as for the Audio...the ONLY thing that doesn't come standard on all movies is Bitstreaming. It is up to the studio if they wish to include it.

One more thing...Sony supports 7.1. 3:10 to Yuma has once scene where they are in a gun fight...

wallace10003917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

I am not sure why you posted those links because they prove what i said. "DTS MA bitstream output is not going to happen though internal decoding isn't completely off the table according to the Sony rep" Right now DTS HD isn't supported with the PS3, so you are only getting TrueHD as uncompressed PCM. So your statement that "the PS3 supports those sounds" is false. The PS3 also can't bitstream TrueHD and DTS HD to an HDMI receiver.

calis3917d ago

Need to start bringing out region free Blu Ray players now.

rawg3916d ago

Agree with you on the editing but not the rest of your post

These bluray players can be updated to 2.0 firmware through their internet connection, an upgrade disc or via software on a usb drive. They already have 1GB storage and an internect connection which are the only hardware requirements for 2.0.

permutated3916d ago

You'd be retarded to spend more on a Blu-Ray player without the PS3 features.

WTF is wrong with ppl?

robbo9183916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

Yeah I meant it to show that how is it that much better when the PS3 can upgrade as well, not that PS3 had that exclusivity. Anyway, that's what I get for posting at work lol. Bubbles to you.

PS. To the person who submitted I take back my negativity since you posted the correct link with your update.

wow143916d ago

The market is going to wait for the price of stand-alone players to decrease.

Many homes dont want a videogame machine in the living room, and the gameplayer is forced into a 2nd room, or a bedroom.

The reality of the market is far more complex than "oh, everyone is going to pay an extra $200 because they want a ps3"

permutated3916d ago

Lol, who would disagree with me?

Do you enjoy spending more money on something that has less features?


Guwapo773916d ago

I stand corrected.

What is decoding my sound is my Onkyo SR-705. That is if I'm understanding this correctly. I do know 7.1 is supported while watching 7.1 Blu-Ray disks. Or is the receiver simulating the sound?

...Let me do further research and I'll get back to you on this.

godofthunder103916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

that's great,since br won i have to buy a player from sony (as bad as i hate to)and i was thinking about buying the ps3 just because it had the best br player on the market so i could watch movies,but since they have a better br player that's coming out this fall i will just wait and get the best br player on the market instead of the ps3 because i'm a movie fan and a collector and i like to have the best br player for movies(not games)even if it's a little higher it's worth it to have the best equipent to watch movies and i bet that all movie fans(not game fans)will buy the br player instead of the ps3 because it's better to watch movies but if you don't really care about movies then the ps3 is the way to go.
what ps3 fans don't understand is that when you watch movies on their ps3 all they are doing is shorting the life span of their system.
ps3 fans are still saying that the ps3 is the way to go and their are right if they are game fans to.but people like me that play games but have a movie theater and collect movies only want the best equipment to use and the newe br player will be better then the ps3 so why would a person like me buy a ps3 just for movies when they have a better br player on the market,it doesn't make any since because i want downgrade to the ps3 just because game fans said that it's crazy to buy the new br player when they could buy the ps3 and it's a game player to.the reason people will buy the new br player is because it's better not because they are crazy.
i even said that i was thinking about buying the ps3 because it had the best br player on the markey but that's not true any more so i'm not going to pay more for something that's not as good as something else that will play br movies to.
ps3 fans said that movie fans should buy the ps3 for br movies even if they don't play games because it was the best br player on the market and they were right at one time but not know more.what i don't understand is that ps3 fans said this but now they have a better br player coming out now they are saying something differnt just to make it sound as if the ps3 is a better value.if people don't like games then the ps3 isn't the best value,even if people have to pay more for just a br player then the ps3 if it's better then it's worth it.
another thing ps3 fans don't understand is that the ps3 want last as long as a stand alone br player,hell their isn't one game system that will last more then any stand alone dvd player and that's a fact.

wallace10003916d ago

That is a good receiver, i have the 605. I guess you are sending the audio to the receiver via HDMI right? That way it receivers uncompressed PCM and the receiver can apply some further processing. Plus bubble for good conversation :-)

Guwapo773916d ago

Yes, I have a HDMI cable going from the PS3 to Receiver to XBR3.

Sir Wallace1000, likewise, +1 for you as well. /salute

...Still can't get that WoW out of my mind after 9 months free of my addiction. /bow

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hardmetal3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

it's the value that you get from that price. with PS3, you play games, movies and online for only $ 399.

decapitator3917d ago

Yeah. you are absolutely right but some people would argue that they are not gamers and they just want a simple blu-ray player. But somewhere along the lines, they will end up picking up at least one title for the system. The system is so full of win that, you can't completely ignore it's other functions and use it as 'only' a blu-ray player though.

ban fans3917d ago

But there are those people out there that will not get a PS3 just because it is a video game console. They will go to the electronics section of Best Buy a ask for a blu-ray player. There are plenty of, say...over 50s out there who will buy into the market, but would never do so with a PS3. Another point is the appearance of these machines compared to the PS3, more traditional and familiar.

You and I know the PS3 is the way to go, but some kind of look down on the machine as a toy, and will never change their minds.

But hey, it's all Sony so they don't care either way!

wow143916d ago

Many people are not going to leave their DVD investment for nothing. The price matters a lot.

People are complaining today about the high price of BR discs. The masses arent going to start buying players until they are affordable.

Besides, you can buy Samsung BR players for less than $250 today. Players will be much much cheaper in short order.

Heck, BR drives for PCs are about $150 today. Now that HD-DVD has been discontinued, the computer industry is going to drive the price down.

Silverwolf3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

to that, that the PS3 is also upgradable and you have a better deal yet.

BTW I bought a 40" 1080P Sony Bravia this weekend and I have to admit Blu-ray looks [email protected]$king fantastic.

novaIS3503917d ago

You have to ADMIT that blu-ray looks good? Is there even grounds for denying that 1080p looks good?

Silverwolf3917d ago

Reason why I said that was due to the fact that some claim you can't see a difference unless you go above 42". That's bull! You CAN see the difference on a 40" screen. I've seen a few 32" 1080P Sharp Aquos if anyone has one, I would like to know if you can see the difference as well.

tonsoffun3917d ago

It all depends on the view distance to be honest - from where I sit in my games room, I can tell the diference on my 37 Toshiba 1080p screen

ravinash3917d ago

I have a 32" Sony Bravia...and I can see the difference.
Its well worth it. Even older films like Full Metal Jacket and Enter the Dragon look great. I'm up to 7 films in the BlueRay collection now.

resistance1003917d ago

Well considering i can see a huge difference on my 19" 1080i TV, it no surprise really

rgduhart3917d ago

I have a 1080p Aquos...the 32 inch one and its looks fantastic. I cna hardly watch my standard def. dvd's anymore.

DrakenSilverwing3917d ago

I got a great deal for a 46" Samsung 120hz LCD 1080p last weekend for only $1700, only cause CompUSA was goin out of business.. and its the best lookin thing i've seen besides the Sony Bravia 120hz.. they just didn't have one of those.. Before i got that i was cheap and only had a 42" 1080p Vizio.. wow i could see a diff, yet 1080p looks good no matter how ya cut it.... now i enjoy watching movies, tv and playin games at the same time.. But i'm still broke..

35 PS3 games and counting(in profile)
15 Blu-ray movies and counting

Playing Beyond!!

Adamalicious3916d ago

Most HD screens (excluding computer monitors) that are less than 40" don't have 1080 vertical lines of resolution. This is why it's generally said that you don't see much difference between 1080 and 720 on 32"ers etc. and, well, it's true.

1080p is awesome, if you really want to appreciate it I definitely recommend getting a set that's 1080 native.

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lodossrage3917d ago

It's called tech evolution. However, the ps3 will always be the best value for your dollar because it's a game player as well. It's also a internet browser. And with PlayTV being released soon, it'll be a DVR-esque machine as well.

wageslave3916d ago

Exacty, I'll wait about 12 months and buy a BluRay player for $75.

Fishy Fingers3917d ago

Id still take a PS3, but thats probably because i use it for games first.

Still, nice timing, there's plenty of people with cash just waiting to usher in the HD era.