Pachter: Nintendo are "a few years late" in everything they're doing

Nintendo Insider writes:

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has once again turned his attention to Nintendo, discussing the company within the latest episode of his weekly Pach Attack show.

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BlackWolf2156d ago

And here comes the Pachter one more time... Oh well.

FriedGoat2156d ago

Where did Patcher come from? I mean, anyone can point out the obvious.

BlackWolf2156d ago

Man, I'm just joking with the fact that Pachter always makes this kind of comments.

FriedGoat2156d ago

yeah, sorry it wasn't a direct reply to you, I just wondered how this guy is always around spouting predictions. Where did he come from?

gaffyh2156d ago

He is an analyst for Wedbush-Morgan Securities (Now Wedbush Securities) and has to write reports and such to investors on certain stocks for that company, and he looks after a lot of gaming company stocks, so he goes to all the industry events and meets with the game companies quite a lot. He's more knowledgeable about the industry than we give him credit for, but he thinks about it as an investor, which is why his predictions are not usually very accurate.

MaxXAttaxX2156d ago

Some people are bound to take this negatively, even though this isn't about Nintendo's success.

EVILDEAD3602156d ago

I love Pachter. The entertainment value he brought to gaming has been a blast to watch.

But, he's definately eaten his lunch quite a few times.

The greatest thing about Pachter was hiswrong Wii HD prediction was really the one that gave him his fame.

The irony is that had Nintendo launched a Wii HD a few years ago, it would have been a massive hit. We all would have bought one and it may have extended the Wii's life at the top a couple of more years.


Red_Orange_Juice2156d ago

Where do I apply? I can do all this

DeadlyFire2155d ago

I need to learn Patcher's technique for stating the obvious and drawing out my own conclusions while gaining fame and having a job of just stating those things.

MikeMyers2155d ago

Not many thought much about the Wii either and look at how well that system did. If things were based purely from a technical standpoint with leading edge hardware the PC would win hands down but there's much more to it than that.

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UnholyLight2156d ago

You know for as much shit as this guy gets for making poor predictions at times, he is a realist when he says things like this.

solid_warlord2156d ago

Anyone can be a realist by just stating the obvious. Nintendo is gonna hit rock bottom if they arleady haven't. The original Wii was somet different and it was well advertised...from casuals to hardcore gamers, they all wanted it. The Wii sports game that came free with every Wii made it fantastic deal..unfortunatey it got bored after awhile. The Wii U just didnt have that spark as the original Wii had. Wii U was not innovative compared to original Wii. Nobody expected Wii U to come with a high end hardware but the final hardware is poor 2008 tech. It slower CPU and GPU is 5 years old. Its poor efforts by Ninty, i think Wii U will be the Gamecube all over again. Sure, Mario's, metroids &, star fox games will come out and do well but it wont be enough.

IAmTheBest352156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

i feel like if nintendo came out with wii u in 2009 or 2010 it would have been very poor timing. their timing is just right. historically, all next gen consoles come out within one year of eachother. the only one i can think of that broke this trend is the dreamcast (ps2/xb/gc/dc all launched within the years 1999-2001.) and ironically, look how dreamcast turned out. it was a little too ahead of its time. (that and the piracy issue lead to its demise.)

anyway, the point is that if nintendo released a new console a couple years ago, it would have seemed like they really have no idea what they were doing. especially since the wii had plenty of life left in it during the time that im sure pachter thinks the wii u should have been released. they also probably would have not made as much money in the long run due to the wii having more years left in it.

you dont just abandon a console thats been on the market for only three years. 2012 is perfect, because the ps4 and 720 will more than likely come out this year. so honestly, i dont think coming out with the next console mid generation is a very good long term strategy lol. it doesnt make him sound like a realist. it makes him sound like he would run his console manufacturing company into the ground if he had one.

showtimefolks2156d ago

y'all can hate the man but one thing i agree with is wii-u is late to the party, ps4,xbox720 will over shadow it and wii-u isn't a clear message for unknown consumers

but nintendo late to everything not true, but wii-u should hev come out 1-2 years ago not now

jony_dols2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

I fear that the Wii U is going to become the next Dreamcast; both sold well initially, had good features & games, but unfortunately was released between console generations & fell in sales, behind more powerful hardware of the upcoming competition (Orbit & Durango)...

fatstarr2155d ago

lol except in the money making category.

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Da Ill One2156d ago ShowReplies(6)
rezzah2156d ago

I wonder if he reads the comments on various gaming sites, only to gather his information from other people.

iamnsuperman2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

You should watch the video he smirks when saying this because he knows more of the low level websites will pick it up. He is essentially looking for a response by these websites and they fell for it

pablo-b2156d ago

lol and there aint much lower than n4g!

Kos-Mos2156d ago

Not when it comes to be a successful company that knows business and aren`t in the game to halt other companies for total domination.

Merrill2156d ago

I mostly agree with him.

They really missed the boat with online & HD gaming, it could really hurt them(I think it already is)in the end.

They can still be innovative and keep up with the times. Not adopting online support and HD support sooner was a grave mistake, IMO.

iamnsuperman2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

I think the most die hard Nintendo Fan has realised that they were behind when it came to (now) basic features like HD and online functionality. Being late doesn't mean bad but it is what the next standard feature will be and if Nintendo has done it or have they done something more than catch up in these areas

Murad2156d ago

I agree with you with agreeing with him.However, I think of it like this. I love my 3DS, no games, but love it anyway, and if Wii U price does go down, I will pick it up to play titles like Zombi U. Why, because I like Nintendo and their creative titles, such as No More Heroes, and Red Steel.