Harrison: Non-gamers see controllers as live guns

Phil Harrison, outgoing exec at Sony's worldwide studios, and Peter Molyneux, boss of Microsoft's Lionhead studio, have both agreed that home console controllers are too complex and put new users off playing videogames.

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Iamback3861d ago

I dont agree. Depend by game. God of War need ton of button combination and is geared towards hardcore gamers. But something like Buzz does not need a lot of buttons, and is for casual gamers. Case closed, move on.

CrazedFiend3861d ago

He's talking about people new to games who are intimidated by complex controllers. My mother won't touch God of War or any of my other PS games (except for Gran Tourismo games because she knows how to work a steering wheel). Yet she's fallen in love with just about every Wii game I've brought home.

Nintendo's idea of simplicity has actually turned my moms into a gamer (^o^;)

TrevorPhillips3861d ago

yeh same as me i either dont agree

TrevorPhillips3861d ago

yeh of course but doesnt need alot of button its aready got x,circle,square and triangle also the back buttons thats it

Meus Renaissance3861d ago

I've never seen Harrison this derogative.

Iamback3861d ago

I guess he is showing his real self now that he left Sony(or was to live when said this)

Frances-the-Mute3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

he can say all he wants now that he is departing, maybe he wants to get some things off his saying controls are too complicated

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The story is too old to be commented.