5 Things I Want To See in Grand Theft Auto 5

UM writes:

So after nearly finishing the fourth game, I’ve come up of a few things that I wished Rockstar implemented in the fifth game. Enjoy, and let me know what you guys are wishing for in the next Grand Theft Auto as well!

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Cirran1790d ago

They have already said GTA5 wont have real estate or customised looks.

GreenRanger1790d ago

I want to see parents looking at the age rating on the box before buying it for little Ted and Charles.

RuperttheBear1790d ago

What about kids who aren't called Ted and Charles, are they allowed to play it? Because Rupert Jr is dying to play it....

3-4-51790d ago

Places like Gamestop do check ID's...even on like 40 year old's kind of funny so yea it really is up to the parents to just have better parenting skills.

There is nothing wrong with kids playing long as they aren't stupid and try the stuff they see.

TheMrMalro1790d ago

Rockstar were saying that we wont see the old generation characters in these games. So maybe we will see someone from GTA 4/Gay Tony/Lost and Damned.

One thing I would like is an online freemode option that allows cheats. To spawn cars and such.

chobit_A5HL3Y1790d ago

so... he wants saints row 3? o.e

HappyGaming1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

No he doesn't
Train, plane, helicopter, car, bicycle, boat
real estate and the garage
Customize the looks
Fun Cheats

All of these were available in San Andreas which released before Saints Row 3.

If anything he wants the good old GTA back which is the main reason why GTA IV received some negative feedback.

Saints Row 3 just filled in the gap that GTA left this generation.

chobit_A5HL3Y1790d ago

i know it was released before sr3, but the sr series arguably does a lot of things better than the gta series. gta has a much better story but i prefer the gameplay of sr3 more, personally~

bluetoto1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

So....GTA4 was your first gta?

I think the biggest misconception from gta4 lovers is that it sold so well because so many enjoyed it when in fact it sold so well because MOST(not all) were expecting a next gen SA and bought the game BEFORE we had chance to see that they abandoned the old fun play design in favor of a "more real experience" that will not be welcomed by many many gamers if it's present in GTA5.

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