Will Sony and Microsoft integrate 3D in new consoles

Is 3D dead or will next gen spell a new lease of life for 3D based content as it's integrated into the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

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FriedGoat1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

3D is great for gaming if used correctly. No point playing in SUB-HD 3d like on current consoles. 720p kind of works but not many games can do it without a significant downgrade. But on the PC 1080p is the minimum it should be played in, it's the mutts nuts. I've been on the 3d bandwagon for a few years using the NVIDIA software and damn it's incredible. Got a 3d Projector in the post and I cant wait. I have 2 eyes I want to see depth.

LocutusEstBorg1946d ago

3D Vision is the best thing I've ever bought. Consoles are quite frankly bullshit in comparison.

r1sh121946d ago

3D was just advertised to get consumers to buy TV's, but the consumers all just said "we hate the glasses and stupid price tags" - Not only that but many films literally have a few scenes in 3D (THor comes to mind).
The next thing the big companies want to press is 4K.
But 4K is the same as 3D not much media supports it, so whats the point?

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ABizzel11946d ago

3D works best for getting a better sense of depth within a game. If they can give use a better sense of the game actually being an open space, and it help determine depth and accuracy better (aka PC 3D), then 3D is worthwhile.

If they use the same console 3D tech then they can leave it out.

wsoutlaw871945d ago

why? I see in 3D it just seems natural that everything we watch will be in 3D eventually. I have a Vizio 3d and movies are awesome. Games arent as good because of the drop in resolution which should be less of a problem next gen. I play AC3 with 3d on sometimes despite the graphics being worse.

badz1491945d ago

It will exist 1 way or another. Deal with it

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RaidensRising1946d ago

I think all focus will be on the projector gimmick.

FriedGoat1946d ago

That thing looked silly. If you have a projector, get rid of the damn TV.

Droid Control1946d ago

Don't want to wear glasses!

And I don't like 3D.

I'd rather have 60fps/1080P

JoGam1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Thats why 3D is "OPTIONAL" No one is forcing you to do anything.

Gamer391946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

I hope yes!
I like this technology. 1080p/60fps+3D. Cool.

aLucidMind1946d ago

I hope not; 3D is a crappy and useless gimmick. All it ever does is give me migraines and doesn't contribute anything to games or movies.

OhMyGandhi1946d ago

just because it gives you migraines doesn't mean that it should be entirely devoid of use in the proper way.
I've only seen movies in 3D, have yet to play a game in 3D, But I'd imagine with the proper application, it could be pretty damned cool. Especially with a protagonist wearing a helmet, utilizing the visor's HUD in a 3D space...

Oschino19071945d ago

Crysis 2, Black Ops 2 and Doom 3 BFG edition all look great in 3d. The HUDs do look awesome as they appear to float on the screen and you can really sense the depth. Personal favorite is looking down sights with the FHJ Missle Launcher in Black Ops 2 as it already has a "glass" like aiming screen with fingerprints on it, really pops off the screen! It's how many games should look and feel IMO, much more engaging.

As of now though its much better for single player (framerates) although I use it sometimes when playing BO2 Multi or Zombies. Next Gen if they can do 720-1080p 60fps in 3d it will be amazing. I wish more games had the option for 3d, sometimes I will play in simulated 3d and although not nearly as nice as true 3d it can still be a fun experiance on any game.

Also the glasses are getting better and better along with tv displays in general. Glasses I have are more like sunglasses then 3d ones and have thin titanium frames to keep them light but durable. In a few years time it will be much more common and reasonably priced along with just overall being more refined and better looking. 3d I hope is a option for a majority of games Next Gen, it will be well worth it for so many reasons.

aLucidMind1945d ago

I'm not saying it shouldn't be used if they were to implement it properly, I meant if they continued the way they were doing it: just tacking a 3D effect just to have 3D, which just about everyone making 3D games and movies tend to do. Its current form is what I was referring to; if it is competently done for once, I'll support its integration if I like it or just wish for it to be optional if I don't.

1945d ago
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