THQ Mega Pack features 19 games for $25 at Amazon

XMNR: Amazon launched a new PC game download deal for the week of Sunday, Jan. 20. This latest features a large chunk of the THQ catalog including "Company of Heroes", both "Darksiders", the last two "Saint's Row", "Metro 2033" and 13 other titles.

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roadkillers1916d ago

A great deal for anyone that missed the Humble Bundle deal.

Riderz13371916d ago

Man I feel so bad for THQ. They truly made some great games and it's really sad to see such a talented studio go down like this. The deal is well worth it, tons of quality titles. Let's all hope their IP's go to a good studio that is willing to create a great game instead of hoping to get a quick cash grab just because of the brand name.

raytraceme1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Valve, Ubisoft, Sony, and Take-Two are really the only places I can think of where these ip's can feel welcomed and be put to good use.

Swiftcricket1916d ago

I feel like I'm looking at a Steam deal.

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FarCryLover1821916d ago

Too bad uDraw had to sink THQ underwater. Shame :(

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