10 Greatest Video Game Easter Eggs From 2012 You Might Have Missed

WC: You got to love it when developers go that extra mile to add something into a really great game. Some developers make you really work your butt off to see or obtain these Easter Eggs.

Others have sneaky little nods to the past games in the series or if it is by the same developer- past franchises.

No matter how hard you need to work to obtain them though- there is a certain sense of satisfaction when you finally figure out how to obtain them. Failing that, a sly smile when you get a certain reference that your friends have failed to pick up on.

The games of 2012 had their fair share of great Easter eggs so here we count down the greatest Easter Eggs you may have missed from some great games over the past year.

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rawshack1922d ago

silent hill 4 was a ok game

calis1922d ago

yeah I didn't mind it.

It was certainly a bit different to the other 3. The room itself was pretty freaky.

pixelsword1922d ago

Killzone 2 has some in a way; if you sit there with Rico or Natko for a while, and wait a minute or two, they will start speaking. I can't remember if Garza or anyone else did it, though.

And all of the evidence that Viscari is alive was in Killzone 2.