Bioshock Infinite Lack of Windows XP Support Affects 10% of PC Players

BioShock Infinite PC Requirements was revealed by Irrational Games (the game developer) and it seems that it does not support Windows XP as its supporting operating system.

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FriedGoat1644d ago

I hope they don't pull this kind of crap for windows 7, Like hell am I upgrading to that godawful windows 8. I like my desktop to be primary, not secondary to metro.

N0S3LFESTEEM1643d ago

In all honesty it's not surprising since windows xp is over a decade old right now... Windows 7 isn't going to be ousted anytime soon. If it is I'm switching to Linux so hopefully the steambox really does something for linux gaming.

DarkFireHawk1643d ago

idk . . . until very recently I was using XP, I still do occasionally. I dont have a very powerful system, and not sure why, but I get less fps drops on XP than I do on 7. I still haven't gave up on XP, I think it is the most stable OS, since it has had 10 years of maturity. Windows 7 has the occasional hiccups - and there is also the incompatibility with most older games. Anyway, I hope for the best.

Letros1643d ago

Lol Linux gaming, still on that train?

N0S3LFESTEEM1643d ago

Lol... linux gaming. That's a last resort if Microsoft starts acting like apple.

T3MPL3TON 1643d ago

@Letros and Noselfesteem

The both of you are aware that Steam already works for Linux and that Gabe is making a huge push for Linux... right? You know that the Piston (Valve's console) will run on Linux right?

N0S3LFESTEEM1643d ago


I'm new to actually posting on N4G... one of the things I don't get is that it gives me the option to Reply to my own post but only gives me the option to Report to postings below mine.

But yeah... I'm well aware of Steam for Linux but the game selection is very limited at this moment. When AAA titles start supporting it then it will be a different question.

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xPhearR3dx1643d ago

I actually like Windows 8. Probably because I hated Windows 7 mostly. You do know there's ways to boot straight to your desktop rather than the Metro UI right?

FriedGoat1643d ago

I know there are ways to do this, But my main gripe is that they don't give you a choice without installing 3rd party software.
I will not support Microsoft shafting me with the crappy UI, and it seems that nobody else wants it either (judging by how poorly it is doing)

Reverent1643d ago

Same as I was thinking. I have it set that way, and I even have an application that simulates the old Start menu so I never even have to use metro.

rainslacker1642d ago

Windows 7 and 8 aren't terribly different from a kernel perspective. What your griping about is simply a UI function, so windows 7 will be supported as long as windows uses that version overall. All are just upgrades to the Vista version of windows. After they come out with their next big change is when you will see 7 or it's variants phased out.

ziggurcat1643d ago

hahahahaha who in their right minds still uses XP?

TheGamingArt1643d ago

Agreed. I don't blame them for dropping support on it. It is a clearly inferior OS. Not only that... but the restrictions as a programmer can be annoying.

aquamala1643d ago

I can see why though, to upgrade from XP to 7 you will have to reinstall all your programs, quite a hassle.

psp2roundup1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

meanwhile its pretty high requirements ( will affect 40%+ of all PC owners, but no-one cares about them.

Fishy Fingers1643d ago

They're pretty much the same as any big name AAA game.

deadfrag1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

What high requirements?I think the problem is your PC that most likely is out of date a long time ago.The requirements are actually in order with the common state of PC hardware this days.Not to mention that this is a game that uses UE3 an engine that scales very very good in all kinds of machines.If you have a GPU an OS from 7 to 10 year old ;well that dont make the cut but thats obvious by now!

gamernova1643d ago

They have to optimize their game for the latest os or else they're not going to be able to give the best experience for their users. Windows 7 and 8 are so similar so I see no issue but vista as well as xp need to jump to 7 as least.

dee-ecks1643d ago

Who in the hell cares, xp was 3 os's ago. time to move on, i mean last summer would anyone have complained if a game excluded win 98 from its compatibility list? doubtful.

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