Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Review |

A high distance from the Japanese version, Ni no Kuni arrives in Italy ready to redeem the genre of JRPG.

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Merrill1918d ago

Already pre-ordered in full. I'm going to wait until my guide for the game comes in the mail before I play though.

I find having a guide to flick through really enhances my enjoyment and experience of the game.

dboyman1918d ago

Same here. Preordered at, so can't wait

grailly1918d ago

I used to play with a guide on my second play through, made things fun again. now I don't have time to finish epic RPGs more than once :(

strigoi8141918d ago

How i just wish wizard edition is available

banjadude1918d ago

It pisses me off that Namco closed pre-order sessions off so damn early (I believe it was back in August 2012).

I'm hoping they do a "second print" after the game releases.

GribbleGrunger1918d ago

I do believe that their making or have made more available. I would check again.

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The_G3n3r4l1918d ago

I seriously can't wait for this game! 2 more days! :D

abzdine1918d ago

Shut up!! I live in Europe i've to wait 10 more days :'(

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