Dynasty Warriors 8 Tie Up Gives Lu Bu A Costume From A Japanese Guitarist

Tecmo Koei is using one Tomoyasu Hotei’s tunes as Dynasty Warriors 8′s theme song. Hotei might be best known in the West for the song “Battle With Honor or Humanity” which was used in Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova and in Kill Bill.

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ceballos77mx1916d ago

I really like these games, but they really do something different, how many times can you really fight the battle of chi-bi, there's really so much you can change the stage.

Andreas-Sword1916d ago

Dynasty Warriors 8 will be an innovative Dynasty Warriors game.
You can read the innovations here:

caseh1916d ago

They say that about every CoD game but realistically the changes from the previous installment are minimal.

Fine if you enter a franchise at that point, monotenous if you've played the last 3-4 installments.

Baka-akaB1916d ago

More like people keep repeating that , yet when you quizz them about some radical changes that actually happened a few times within the franchises , they are dumbstruck and silent .

There is some serious bandwagoning of people repeating it's always the same , from guys that barely only look at screenshots and debut trailers since the peak of the ps2 days .

Ask how many of them even actually tried the games or informed themselves truly about it's gameplay changes , and you'll find very few of them

banjadude1916d ago

Obligatory: "Don't pursue Lu Bu!"

d3nworth11916d ago

DAMN!! I WAS GOING TO SAY THAT. lol you beat me to it.