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DmC: Devil May Cry Review | Blistered Thumbs

Whether or not it is disrespectful of its source material is an argument for another day, but as a stand-alone video game it is a solid weekend rental or Steam sale bargain. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 6/10

shivvy24  +   953d ago
6/10 , are you serious ?
zerocrossing  +   953d ago
In all honesty it's a 6 or 7 game IMO of course, not perfect yeah but whatever DmC does poorly it balances out enough with what it does well.
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Temporary  +   952d ago
I really really enjoy the game, but Id give it an 8 at best. I dont think a 6 is a horrible score at all.
GreenRanger  +   953d ago
The score is 7 points higher than it should be.
haymoza  +   953d ago
I'm not saying you hate the game because of the hair... but it's the hair.
N4GDgAPc  +   953d ago
hehe that is pretty funny. Now u will anger them saying "for the last time it isn't about the hair!"

We know that. We just know it pushes your buttons^^
AdmiralSnake  +   953d ago
zerocrossing  +   953d ago
I wonder if this is one of those "fake reviews" Tameem mentioned.../s
Acquiescence  +   953d ago
Well BlisteredThumbs didn't break the embargo with their review...
and also didn't pretend they received a review copy when they hadn't, so no, this one seems pretty genuine.
zerocrossing  +   953d ago
Im aware of that I was being sarcastic.

Look at all the ridiculously high scores (9s/10s) coming out during DmC's release compared to these more reasonable, objective reviews of recent.

Which reviews do you think are fake?
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Heavenly King  +   953d ago
According to the demo, trailers and gameplay walkthroughs, that score seems right.
Linko64  +   953d ago
I often base reviews of retail games based on trailers, walk throughs and gameplay videos on youtube. Oh wait no, I'm a naive moron so I actually play the game before passing such a final judgement.
RazMaTaz0121  +   953d ago

The game does deserve a 7/10 to be fair. It is a good action game to say the least, its just not a devil may cry game. Cutscenes are not flamboyant or over the top, the gameplay, while good, isnt as good or refined as the previous DMCs, and Dante downright sucks, and no its not because of "deh hair". Vergil was a much better character overall then Dante in DmC. It is more accessible and why its been scoring high, but overall, I would generally prefer a DMC5 game, with Capcom developing, and NT with the creative directiveness to give the game more spark.
Acquiescence  +   953d ago
I give it an 8 thus far...
Ninja Theory seriously knocked it out of the park with this game. It's nice to start your year out with a genuinely excellent first game purchase.
Root  +   953d ago
Yup seems pretty fair

They actually review the game and it's problems

Other reviews with all the high scores seem to try and sell you the game rather then reviewing it and others just start calling the "haters" for most of the review saying how they were wrong....when we weren't.
N4GDgAPc  +   953d ago
So other words our opinions don't matter because the game sucks?

One review comes in and your like see I told you it sucked based on one review. There has been more reviews that have liked the game. So almost all reviews are fake? And its an opinion to. This guy doesn't like it. Who cares.

You keep saying how I keep attacking u because of your opinion(which I don't because I say things that have nothing to do with the actual game) but u keep coming on every article to coming up with these theories something scored higher than a 7 is all bought out. You inore that most reviews did like the game. And don't understand alot of people did think it was 9/10. Like me. But no I've been bought out by capcom because that can't be true.

"others just start calling the "haters" for most of the review saying how they were wrong....when we weren't."

That statement alone attacks people that like the game so in other words your a hypocrite for even telling me I suppsoly go against your opinion which I don't. Because u have no opinion until you play it. But if you still hate it after u play DmC. I wouldn't care at all.

And i know your going to post "i'm getting tired of you posting on all my comments becasue u disagree with my opinion." when u didn't read my comment that had nothing to do with your opinion of u hating the actual game.
Blacktric  +   952d ago
-thirty plus reviews give the game 8+ scores
lol haterz eat it, in ur face

-four, five reviews give the game a 6
lol this idiot gave it a 6 WHO CARES?!

"That statement alone attacks people that like the game so in other words your a hypocrite for even telling me I suppsoly go against your opinion which I don't. Because u have no opinion until you play it. But if you still hate it after u play DmC. I wouldn't care at all. "

Let's put aside the fact of me nearly getting a brain aneurysm as I tried to read through that typo heaven and concentrate on the actual thing... He is stating his own "opinion", which he could've formed by; after watching the promotional material and/or played the demo on top of playing the game. And either of those are enough to have an "opinion" on the matter. You don't have to play the game to form an opinion and to voice it. That's the point of having an "opinion". Yours isn't better or more acceptable than his just because you have played and finished the game and he saw the promo material and palyed the demo. And his statement doesn't attack anyone. He says people who hated the game got blamed for being haters and being "wrong" and we weren't. We thought the game was going to be bad for our taste and it turned out to be just like that. You might have liked it but, again, that is your opinion. So, there is no right or wrong here.
Root  +   952d ago

Thank You, some one with common sense

Ignore him anyway, he's just trolling peoples comments who say anything bad about the game. Especialy mine, he waits untill I comment so he can say something to start a fight out of.

He just can't let anyone have their own opinions, he's obsessed.
jslash  +   953d ago
I'm all for individuality and the right to an opinion but the game is worthy of a much, much better score than a 6.
jaymart2k  +   953d ago
DMC 3>1>Reboot>4>2
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Blastoise  +   953d ago
VileAndVicious  +   953d ago
Yes it is sir...Yes it is
N4GDgAPc  +   953d ago
Has anyone played DmC1 after playing DmC3 and DmC4? I couldn't stand the mechanics at all so I couldn't enjoy it anymore.

Has anyone else had the same problem?
VileAndVicious  +   953d ago
loved the original, it was atmospheric and imo Dante was arguably the coolest (couldn't stand him in 3 and 4) However I will concede that combat was much improved by the third. But I still enjoyed the original much more.
Baka-akaB  +   953d ago
i still say DMC3=DMC1 > 4 >DMC 2=DmC . But obviously just my opinion .

Dm2c wasnt the awful game usually describe either , just way below the rest of the franchise , and i think the same of DmC
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pandehz  +   953d ago
Ppl who like this DMC should not troll this article let the haters have this one place to boogie.
LordHiggens  +   953d ago
This is a good score for the game...I approve of this score. I don't think it deserves a zero or anything like that but the game isn't good. It's at it's best day mediocre...let's be honest.
rocky047586  +   952d ago
Have you even played the game? It deserves a bit more than 6. I don't think you've played the game, just a gut feeling.
LordHiggens  +   952d ago
Yes I have played the game...I have never experienced such a feeling of ambivalence...it is neither good nor is it bad...it is...sublimely grey...
VileAndVicious  +   952d ago
Imo the game is an 8.5. Its Damn good but not perfect. I have no idea why people believe it's mediocre. But we are all entitled to our opinion I guess.
rocky047586  +   952d ago
@LordHiggens, I'm not talking about a demo...I'm talking about the full game. Right? I don't understand how people don't think it feels like a Devil May Cry game and it does @VileAndVicious. I just don't get it, it feels comparable to DMC1 and, some aspects, DMC3. They had original dev team members from 1-3 there to help them make sure the combat felt the same, and for the most part, they succeeded. Just my opinion though.
J-Killer15  +   952d ago
It's a different type of action game though. Just because it looks the same on the surface because it has some of the moves doesn't mean it's the same thing. People have to understand that eastern and western developers have different philosophies when it comes to developing games, and the sooner people realize it the sooner we can just accept this game for what it is. Yes, some of the members from the DMC3-4 team helped with the combat, but if this really was a DMC game then they would have developed it themselves.

They wanted to cater to a different audience with this thus changing a lot about the franchise with this reboot. It's not a fast paced Japanese action game with bat-insane-crazy-shit happening on the screen. It's not. It's more of an action-adventure game that still has the structure of a DMC game. Compare this to MGR. This game is tame when compared to the pacing and the amount of stuff happening on screen in MGR. Whether it's better than it is a debate for another time, but I hope you see what I'm getting at.

If people like DmC then cool, but don't act totally oblivious as to why some people don't care for this game.
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rocky047586  +   952d ago
DMC1 wasn't all that over the top and it was more like an action/adventure game as well. So no, I don't understand how people can say it feels NOTHING like a DMC game and it does. You can explain about western vs eastern philosophy all you want, that doesn't change the fact that they went out of their way to make sure that it kept the foundation of what made DMC1 click in the minds of the consumer. Yes it's comparably different as well, I never suggested otherwise, but to say that it's NOTHING like it? That's BS.
VileAndVicious  +   952d ago
I'd have to agree with Rocky it's really not all that different. It's all based on perspective of course but DmC has more in common with the original DMC than DMC3. True combat isn't as fast and frantic as in the third and fourth installments, but then again it wasn't in the original it was more about fun combat and atmospheric level designs. Hence it's beginnings as RE4. Which I think DmC succeeds in, true it could be better but in all honesty its not all that completely different.
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J-Killer15  +   952d ago
DMC1 wasn't as over the top as its successors, but that's because it gave birth to the stylish action genre. Bayonetta was a spiritual successor to DMC1 and was made by its creator, and that game is the definition of over the top.

If this game wanted to cater to the audience that liked DMC1 then maybe they should have made enemies that were on the level of shadow cats, and not colored ones to indicate whether I should use a demon weapon or an angel weapon against it.
rocky047586  +   952d ago
But that's because they already well long established the genre at that point. Of course Bayonetta wasn't going to be slower than DMC3 at that point. The point is, I don't think it's fair that people want to judge this game based on the combat of DMC3 when it's not trying to be like DMC3 at all, and that doesn't mean that it doesn't feel like a DMC game just because it's not like the last two games before it.

J-Killer have you played this game at all because it sounds like you haven't if you think that all the enemies are just color-coded and that's it. It's MUCH more to it than that and switching weapons and altering the color coding like that is something that makes the combat more gratifying and it's pretty bad ass.

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