Tom Clancy's EndWar tipped for DS, PSP?

Tom Clancy's EndWar creative director Michael de Plater is reported to have confirmed that the RTS will be released on DS and PSP, as well as 360 and PS3.

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TnS3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

The DS version was rumored earlier ( ), so I think this is true.

Fishy Fingers3944d ago

Cheers for the link.

Pretty cool idea, while i dont own a DS i always thought a RTS would work quite well on them, using the touch screen would be the next best thing to a mouse, i just cant handle playing them with an analogue stick.

Jamegohanssj53944d ago

What's End War? Something horrible? What's a Real Time Shooter?

The genius has spoken.

V_Ben3944d ago

console-exclusive rts that allows for you to use voice control to order ur units around :P

AngryHippo3944d ago

....and sounds like it could be a sleeper hit. I am definately keeping an eye on this game. It looks to be serious fun online too. I wonder how different the PSP and DS versions will be?!should be same gameplay mechanics but obviously seriously different graphically.

PS360WII3944d ago

for a rts the gameplay would be totally different between the PSP and DS. DS you can use the stylist as the mouse while you'd need to stick with button commands on the PSP. Obviously the graphics would be different though ;)

LJWooly3944d ago

If anyone else here has played the DS version of COD4, they'll agree that this is not a good idea, no matter how 'intuitive' it will be with the stylus.

LJWooly3944d ago

No, I mean the DS hardware always seems to result in developers just porting whatever the hell they like onto it, and it turns out crap, especially so with games to do with war. COD4 was just my example.

PS360WII3944d ago

The closest I've played as a RTS on the DS was FFXII which was done quite well. SimCity for the DS is amazing so the DS is really good at games that should be played with a mouse. Looking forward to how this pans out.