Get Early Access to the Dead Space 3 Demo

Hey you gamers! Are you interested in getting your hands on an Xbox Live code to play the new Dead Space 3 demo? The Dead Space team is handing out exclusive codes for the Dead Space 3 demo on the Xbox 360. You get early access to the demo before it drops to the public on January 22. Head on over to the Dead Space’s Facebook page and redeem your copy today!

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criticalkare1196d ago

Offer limit reached already :(

voodoopickle1196d ago

two days early, wow, who cares

Sandmano1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

indeed who cares heck I probably wont even dl it on Tuesday, on the weekend. Dont forget theres alot of people that have ALOT of free time so Im thinking they care.

2pacalypsenow1196d ago

Not an impressive Demo if your'e looking for a Dead space like the first 2 you will be highly disappointed

gillri1196d ago

I never get demos of games im definitely gonna get