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Spartacus Legends given R rating in Australia

Australia's second R-rated video game has been revealed - and just like the first, it's a little bit unusual. The land Down Under has now been given its first free-to-play adults-only title, released only on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network - and it's a television series tie-in, to boot. (PS3, Spartacus Legends, Xbox 360)

aiBreeze  +   797d ago
Doesn't exactly bode well for the game tbh.. if it isn't banned in Australia, then it probably isn't adult. You'd expect a game based on Spartacus to be really bloody and gory, hope they don't let fans of the series down.
BitbyDeath  +   797d ago
Australia just introduced the R rating this year so games should no longer be banned but instead be classified as R rated.
aiBreeze  +   797d ago
Shows how stupid I am then lol.. I presumed you had an R rating and that your government were just being heavy handed in banning controversial games.
BitbyDeath  +   797d ago
We only had up to MA before, i wouldn't be surprised if they still try ban some games though.
Dan50  +   797d ago
Games will still be banned and censored, just not as many as before it seems.

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