Should Sony Stick With Blu-ray Next Gen? What About Microsoft?

Premier Gaming Network - If history is to repeat itself, then Sony may go with a different format next generation. However, given the advancement and investment in Blu-ray technology, should Sony just stick with the format? And what will Microsoft opt for next generation?

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GalacticEmpire1671d ago

Yes of course, but they should improve the transfer bandwidth and increase the max capacity.

MS need to swallow their peride and just adopt bluray.

LOGICWINS1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

And pay Sony royalties? Thats lunacy. Thats like saying the PS4 should adopt a Windows 8 OS. Yeah, it would be lightyears better than the current PS3 OS, but it wouldn't be worth the expense of helping out your competitor.

Microsoft will likely stick to DVD, but their main selling point this time around will be a combination of Kinect and that projection tech they recently unveiled...which will be a disaster because they would COMPLETELY lose touch with their hardcore audience by focusing on expensive gimmicks as opposed to quality titles.

GamersRulz1671d ago

I disagree, Blu-ray is a universal medium, MS have to adopt blu-ray technology otherwise Xbox will look like a dinosaur tech.

in addition haven't you ever seen a VAIO laptop running Windows? So yeah it's Ok to pay royalties to your rival in order to provide your customers with best tech available, Blu-ray in this case.

LOGICWINS1671d ago

Thats a different scenario. Sony pays Microsoft royalties out of necessity. Windows operating systems are too popular to not have on your laptop.

Blu-Ray on the other hand is NOT a necessity for a next-gen console to succeed. The 360/Wii proved that this gen.

iamnsuperman1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

"Blu-Ray on the other hand is NOT a necessity for a next-gen console to succeed. The 360/Wii proved that this gen."

Last generation sure (takes a while for a physical media to really catch on) but this next generation the xbox needs to be Blu Ray if Microsoft really wants to be this "box in every living room" idea. For just gaming terms they could go down the road of what Nintendo did but a disadvantage is they cannot play Blu Ray DVDs which are becoming more important and more sought after.

It isn't ideal for Microsoft but I feel it is a necessity. It is a small royalty bump which doesn't fully go to Sony but goes to the Blu Ray group

It will be a big mistake if they stick to DVD and I think they no that. For Microsoft the options are stick to DVD (extremely bad idea), go the Nintendo route (slightly bad idea if they want the next xbox to be the main device in households) or go Blu Ray (which has more positives that to the negative of paying royalties)

bobshi1671d ago

LOGICWINS, you are wrong.

You are comparing this gen to next gen.

It needs a high capacity disc to succeed next gen.

We already get games spanning multiple discs causing gamers to have to get out of their chair to go change a disc.

That would increase dramatically if they stuck with DVD.

This isn't 2001. The technology exists, use it.

nukeitall1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Furthermore, other than for movies, BR is NOT a necessity for high capacity storage either. Wii U has a high capacity storage and it does not use BR.

Even if MS decides to use blue laser which is the same as blu-ray technology, as long as they don't claim compatibility and play blu-ray movies they don't have to pay the license fee. In effect, they would have the exact same storage capacity or more without the fee.

Nobody has a patent on use of blu-laser.

BR unfortunately is a format that to most consumers are quickly diminishing in value. Too many people are moving over to streaming now like Netflix. On top of that, brand name standalone players cost $60.

If consumers wanted BR, they likely already own a player. Besides, why would you wear out your optical drive in your $400 console when there is a far cheaper and likely quieter option?

LOGICWINS1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

The next Xbox MAY be able to play Blu-Ray movies, but thats where it ends. Microsoft will stick to DVD or will heavily focus on digital downloads for gaming.

"BR unfortunately is a format that to most consumers are quickly diminishing in value. Too many people are moving over to streaming now like Netflix."

EXACTLY! Most people would rather pay $80-$90 a year to stream an unlimited amount of movies and tv shows as opposed to spending $10-$25 on individual Blu-Rays.

Subscription services offer WAAAY more value than buying individual Blu-Ray discs.

zebramocha1671d ago

@iam your analogy doesn't make sense because the wii had its motion controller and the 360, at a point had better offerings in comparison to the ps3,I'm they mean to adopt blu-ray for games not just entertainment.

LOL_WUT1671d ago

I hope you're wrong because I hate swapping out discs on the 360 it's an annoyance. Anything other than DVD would be nice. ;)

RuleofOne343 1671d ago

If you really think about it they are paying the BDA , Then the BDA breaks it down to those involved.

pixelsword1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I may not be the most even-handed commentator on consoles or the PC at times, but I do try to give them a fair shake; but if Microsoft uses the DVD for next gen, I'm not buying it.

On top of that, there won't be a way to play my Blu-Ray movies, so that's another strike against the Next Box.

Microsoft is in a corner and the only way out is to go the Blu route.

hazardman1671d ago

Dude do some research, I did and that why I'm commenting on you idiotic comment. Blu rays actually use a codec on the blu ray that guess what is part owned by MS.(look it up) Viao come with windows these companies work hand in hand. Obviously when it comes to gaming everyones lookng for an advantage. From all rumours 98% say MS is gonna have blu ray. They both pay each other royalties in one way or the other. I'm not trying to start a war in here just your name has Logic but there's not logic in what you say.

Panthers1671d ago

DVD will not work anymore after this gen. Games are going to be too large. That would be like last gen using CDs as the medium.

I wish I could find it, but there was a thread on an old forum where someone was arguing that DVDs would never be necessary for gaming because CDs would provide enough space. He argued that developers would find better means of compression. Could you imagine using CDs still?

While DVDs worked, I dont see them lasting much longer. So I do see MS using Blu Rays for games, until streaming becomes the norm.

Godmars2901671d ago

If MS want's the Xbox brand to be seen as an all-purpose media center then they have to include BR as a movie player. They can likely get away without it, especially in the US, but not elsewhere.

Would be best for them, Sony as well, to allow for HD titles less than 8GB to be on DVD as well.

Tapioca Cold1671d ago

They pay Toshiba(I believe) for DVD you tool.

These big companies are always paying royalties.

Blu ray is awesome and if you don't think so then your TV sucks.

bunfighterii1671d ago

You realise Sony also sell Vaio computers that all use Windows, right?

soniqstylz1671d ago

Sony gets royalties from DVD as well

kwyjibo1671d ago

Have you seen the mobile ecosystem wars? Everyone pays everyone else royalties. That's how it works. Take a look at the H264 battles.

That being said, Microsoft may believe that everyone who wants Blu-Ray already has it - and go for a cheaper bespoke option like Nintendo did.

If Microsoft can negotiate a low enough Blu-Ray royalty rate, they might just go with Blu-Ray. This could make the next Xbox become the centre of the living room experience, which is something they've tried to do this generation.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1671d ago

HD-DVD is dead, DVD Is hanging but can't hold enough data. M$ would be beyond stupid not to go with blu ray.

vulcanproject1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Next gen consoles need some form of high capacity format that isn't too expensive. This means discs. Consoles aren't quite ready for download only because not every market has that luxury. They may be in another 5 years, but not quite yet.

In the case of Sony, it is very easy for them to drop in another bluray drive. It is well established, 50GB is still a lot of space and 99 percent of devs would be perfectly happy with that. A reasonable speed BD drive is now cheap as well. 8x would be plenty. Incredibly you can actually buy external usb 6x BD ROM drives on ebay for less than 22 pounds. I think it is obvious Sony will go this route again.

The question is what will Microsoft do? I think they will probably end up shoving in a bluray drive too. The fight over the format is long past and mostly forgotten history now. If they want to be an ultimate home media hub they would be wise to include bluray, although they might decide that they want to exclude it IF it means people move to their streaming service instead. It is very possible that they would view bluray as not a significant marketing feature in 2013, and not having it wouldn't hinder sales of the hardware or games but further drive streaming which they can make money from and have total control over on the platform.

Even in this scenario the drive will surely be a high capacity disc drive derived from bluray like tech much as Wii U is. It's just too cheap and fast to not have a high capacity disc drive in 2013. It's a total no Brainer. Even Wii U has one and that isn't exactly aiming to be cutting edge.

rainslacker1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

"BR unfortunately is a format that to most consumers are quickly diminishing in value. Too many people are moving over to streaming now like Netflix. On top of that, brand name standalone players cost $60."

Blu-Ray adoption rate is rising year over year since it's introduction to the market. Last year it saw a 16% increase in number of players sold, and increase from 9% the year before. It's adoption rate is actually much quicker than DVD ever was.

You made this same streaming argument the other day, so I will say to you again, is it hard to see the added value of having it all in one machine? Why do you keep insisting that streaming is going to take over? Physical media is still wanted and will always be. Digital is of course quickly gaining acceptance, and depending on how you look at it, has surpassed physical media sold. Just because people are streaming doesn't mean that they don't also want physical media. They both present advantages, and quite frankly, most of the world, or even the US, isn't equipped for an entirely digital future. Did you know that only 68% of US homes have broadband internet as of 2012(this isn't even broken down into high speed broadband, but over 112Kb speeds) seems there's more than one market to look at given those numbers. Stop pulling assumptions out of your ass and do some real research to see that what you like isn't necessarily everyone else likes.

kneon1671d ago


Perhaps your logic requires some facts. I guess you aren't aware that the main backers for CD and DVD were Sony and Philips, so Microsoft has been paying them all along via their royalties for those formats. A couple of dollars in royalties isn't going to stop them using bluray.

dudeOplenty1671d ago


You should know that every time I read one of your posts, I become so stupefied and pessimistic towards the human race that I usually find a baby to punch in the face afterwards.

vitullo311671d ago

Light years better? Your smoking some terrible shit

BattleAxe1671d ago

Sony uses Windows on their Vaio Laptops, and uses Skype on the Vita, so I don't see what the big deal about Microsoft using Blu-Ray would be.

Riderz13371671d ago

Microsoft will stick to DVD? Sure if they want to live in the stone age. Lol games are getting much bigger nowadays and if they stick with DVD instead of blu ray get ready to have multiple discs for games more often.

Sy_Wolf1671d ago

Microsoft wouldn't need to pay royalties if they didn't alow BluRay playback out of the box. Just like they didn't need to pay DVD royalties with the original Xbox. Also, Nintendo isn't paying royalties to the BluRay Disc association because they don't alow BluRay playback.

Rageanitus1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

This is when your facts and business logic fails.

Blu-ray is supported by MANY companies meaning royalties will go everywhere.

DVD has royalties also... why you think the wii and game cube used dvd medium but did no allow to play movies.

Sometimes you have to work together to make your product better.

Plus to ppl who think Streaming vide like netflix will remove Blu-ray.... they are completly closed minded.

Sorry netflix is mainly strong in only USA.. Most ppl have limited bandwidth around the world and it aint fast enough to pump out the SAME quality picture and sound and blu-ray.

Ive messed around with Netflix and it is no way inhell close to the quality of a Real blu-ray disc with uncompressed sound.

cedaridge1671d ago

In Microsoft case I do prefer to Stream my movies in that regard BUT xbox need Bluray for disc scratching purpose. And I game more than I watch movies. That is one thing I like about the ps3, not having those ugly scratches on my disc.

Trenta271671d ago

Sony didn't make bluray! They pay a fee just like everyone else.

Hanif-8761671d ago

@LOGICWINS Try changing your username to LogicFAILS because i've never seen so many comments which lacks "logic" the way yours do. However, i don't think someone could actually be that stupid. I have to admit though, its either your dumb as F--k or your just blinded by fanboyism.

SilentNegotiator1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

DVD6C licensing group.
Sony makes money on every DVD drive and disc, too. I'm sure you thought Sony only had part in creating the betamax.

"Blu-Ray on the other hand is NOT a necessity for a next-gen console to succeed. The 360/Wii proved that this gen"
LOL!! You're using the 7th gen to prove that Blu-ray isn't needed in the 8th? If the neXtbox wants to keep being called a multimedia system, it needs blu-ray. Plain and simple.

ElectricKaibutsu1670d ago

Sorry LOGICWINS but continuing to use DVDs next gen wouldn't make sense. It didn't matter so much this gen because the 360 and PS3 don't have enough memory to use high res textures. The next Xbox and PlayStation however will absolutely have enough. Those textures take up a lot of space and DVDs just don't have the capacity. And could you imagine Microsoft falling behind frickin' Nintendo in tech?

I'm betting Microsoft will bite the bullet and put Blu-ray in the next Xbox. Actual Blu-ray, not the gimped Wii U version.