Pach-Attack:Next-Gen Games Cost More Than $60?

GT:An evolution of the pricing structure of games is upon us – Pachter explains. Plus, what does he think of the Wii Mini and will Apple make a console? “They might!” he says.

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iamnsuperman1825d ago

Publishers are always going to look for ways to get the most money out of us. If that is more expensive games or hidden charges they will find a sneaky way of doing it

Mocat1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

This guy is full of crap.
buy a game and pay for MP
so let's look at this
Xbox 300/400$ maybe
Xbl 60$
Game 65$
online subscription 1$ a month (12$)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

I expect less content + more dlc + more ads + more f2p + cod down fall + rpg revolution + Valve growth and HL3 + PC,Steam Box, Ps4 L4d3 cross platform + MS, PC cross platform next gen.

Y_51501825d ago

Next gen will be interesting.

TooTall191825d ago

Good video. There's also a pretty interesting pop fiction that came out today.

Rainstorm811825d ago

Game companies would make more money if they dropped the price back to 50$

NYC_Gamer1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

I doubt publishers will do that since they have to pay fees to Sony/MS/Nintendo and retail stores

LOGICWINS1824d ago

Publishers can VERY easily lower game prices to $50 by cutting the retailer middle man with digital distribution. They would still have to pay liscensing fees to Sony and Microsoft, but there would be no distribution fees.

doogiebear1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

@ Logic: Although u make a good point, companies are afraid to rely solely on just digital releases because that means that they would have to spend even MORE money on marketting (especially after alienating stores/retailers by making digital-only releases).

Why? Because people who buy games at Gamestop (for example) hear about new games from the sales employee, the in-store ads, the sunday paper Gamestop ads, and from seeing the game box in the store.

If EA or Activision cut out the middleman (retailers) then it would be a lot less people who are informed about new games (since their will be no "free" marketing in any game stores). THAT is why Gamestop employee's hound people so much. Because 3rd party's expect them to (as well as their managers/employer).

Game retailers really ARE putting a squeeze on both the publishers/developers AND the customers. So I totally hear what your saying, but the fear of less exposure to the average customer via game retailers is what keeps AAA publishers afraid to defy the current state of affairs with leading stores/retailers. Oh, and don't forget those pesky royalty fee's to the console manufacturers (even if distributed digitally).

rainslacker1824d ago


While that's true, it's not like the publishers have been quite that giving when it comes to giving us great deals on digital releases. In fact it's usually cheaper to buy retail, particularly a month or so after release. There is no reason to assume that if they control the distribution medium that they would become more consumer friendly.

Plus the world in general is a long way off from being ready for an all digital future. It's good for some people, and I say more power to them, but restricting consumer choice has never been a good thing.

The middle man plays an important part in the overall picture, partly explained by donbear above. Even as it stands today the infrastructure to provide enough people with digital on that scale is just not ready for next gen. In the end, those publishers would just end up losing sales, which would amount to a lot more lost than they do through their current retail channels.

ShaunCameron1824d ago

No. They would have to sell more copies to break even. And the problem is that most games tend to fail regardless of price compounded by a lot of consumers equating lower price points with lower value/quality.

rainslacker1824d ago

The lower price = lower quality wouldn't apply if that price was the same across the board, like it has been for the most part this gen.

However your first sentence is a pretty important staple of the way sales work.

More sales =/= more revenue

More revenue is important. Take a look at the iPhone. Could they sell more at half the price? Sure. Lets say they double the sales. Double sales = same revenue. The important factor though is that it doesn't equal double the profit, as real-world costs have to be deducted...and basically they've doubled those costs overall.

cyclindk1825d ago

Well, as always, I believe the GAME should reflect the cost.

Example, for all it's faults, Skyrim is worth more to me then say... RAGE.

This, of course, must be evaluated against the actual development costs, but I think variation is needed both upward and downward for games in regard to cost. Not simply little downloadables for low, low prices and then all the rest at 60.

I think we could all do with a diversified market of games, 30 dollar games, 40, upper-end games for like 80, but that blow 60 dollar games out of the water.

Just my 5,000 cents...

kma2k1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

while what you are saying makes sense but "value" is different for everybody. Case in point the kids who play cod every year for the multiplayer & play it for 100's of hours to them its a valuable game but to me i have zero interest in the multiplayer & just play it for the campaing which is only like 4 hours. So to me it has virtually no value.

cyclindk1824d ago

True, it's one difficult fish to grasp.. or something....

Oh well, lets see what happens!

Bring on the 200 dollar mega games!!! HAAHHAHAHAHAHH!!!

:0 oh no, what have I done...

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