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DmC: 5 reasons the new-look Dante rocks

PSU.com writes:

"Yet despite all the moaning and groaning from fans over the new-look Dante, we feel that he stands shoulder-to-shoulder with his Capcom stable mate, and has plenty of merits of his own. As such, having finished DmC and coming away highly impressed, we decided to cobble together 5 reasons why we love new Dante. Yes, some of our reasons are tongue-in-cheek, but since when did DMC take itself seriously?" (DmC: Devil May Cry, PS3, Xbox 360)

Y_5150  +   953d ago
I agree with this guy. Dante is awesome now!
jony_dols  +   953d ago
Old Dante wasn't all that great & neither is the the new one. The Devil May Cry series relies on solid gameplay & Ninja Theory has succeeded in creating a fresh enjoyable game, that still pays homage to the original trilogy. Any naysayers can go whinge to their Mommies.
knowyourstuff  +   953d ago
I never cared for either Dante - they're both a couple of cardboard sods.
This new version looks like a little bitch who's never seen the inside of a gym, and we're supposed to buy he can even carry that sword much less use it? What planet do the emo bitches at Ninja Theory live on?
Kratoscar2008  +   953d ago
He was and still awesome, he just dyed his hair, he is still kickass.
Root  +   953d ago
He's terrible, he's like an immature kid who relies on swearing to act cool. He tries too hard where with the good Dante it just came naturally

He's just a douche
Transporter47  +   953d ago
Yup, he is a douche... in no way or form is he better then the old one as a character
Reverent  +   953d ago
Granted, Old Dante was also a bit of a douche, at least he was a cool douche.
vallencer  +   953d ago
Honestly I wish you'd get over it and just try the game as a whole different game. It's really good. The story is done really well. He starts off immature but grows through the game. I hope one day you'll try it.
Root  +   953d ago
I've played the demo, saw all the previews, trailers, clips and I didn't like him or anything else about it

So don't tell me what to do.......again you comment on one of my posts just to basically tell me that my opinion is bothering you that much....it's pretty sad and immature to be honest.

Just let people have their opinions for goodness sake.
N4GDgAPc  +   953d ago
Can't have an opinion if you haven't played the game yet. I don't care if you don't buy it but I've seen people think the same way as u and hated the demo and ended up being suprised and really enjoyed the game and the new Dante grew on them.

We know your not interested in it thats fine. Don't give me that u hate the game when u haven't played it. Now if you do play it and u still don't like it then start hating away still. I don't care.

And with your arrogant comment "don't tell me what to do". All he said is he wish you would try it. Never did he demand u to try it. And it bothers him because u have no opinion. Play the game then tell me your opinion^^
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Root  +   953d ago
You don't need to play a game to judge it, I knew RE6 was going to be crap, a lot of people did and guess what it was crap. Same goes for RE5 not being scary because of the added co-op or how linear F13 looked or maybe how generic Duke Nukem forever looked.....you can just tell

"And with your arrogant comment "don't tell me what to do". All he said is he wish you would try it. Never did he demand u to try it"

How is that arrogant, I was even replying to that comment he made I was replying to how he opened his comment

"Honestly I wish you'd get over it and just try the game"

Telling me what to do and to just "get over it" like my opinion bothers him that much....then why reply to it.

I do hate the game because it's nothing like a DMC game, it's dumbed down and accessible now with crappy characters which don't live up to the old ones.

"but I've seen people think the same way as u and hated the demo and ended up being suprised and really enjoyed the game and the new Dante grew on them."

Really....well I've seen people who hated it and sold it straight away and agree it didn't deserve the good reviews it got. My word against yours there pal....

Seriously it's the same people all the time...you and vallencer to name a couple.
N4GDgAPc  +   953d ago
You have the right to say from what i've seen I don't like the direction so I'm not intrested in the game. But no where do you have a opinion on how the game is because you haven't played it.

You got to play the game to give a review on the game.

"Really....well I've seen people who hated it and sold it straight away and agree it didn't deserve the good reviews it got. My word against yours there pal.... "

You try to twist my words. Did I ever say there was people that still hated it? I understand they still didn't like it. But they can give me a true opinion at least.

And I said there was people that ended up enjoying it. Thats why your opinion on how a game is don't count.

Your not going to see me get on a discussion board and say this game sucks because I watched the trailers and played the demo.
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vallencer  +   953d ago
I never told you what to do. All I said was I hope one day you'll try it. You really need to relax guy. Your opinion doesn't bother me at all I half comment to see your reaction but I also comment just to discuss you should really stop getting so defensive lol. If you don't want to play it fine. Like I said I just hope one day you will. Maybe you'll respond to this without being so defensive haha.

Also I still never opened with telling you to do something I said I wish you would. There is a difference between saying wish and saying get over it and play it. I hope one day we can discuss things civilly. Honestly I've told you more than once I'm not bashing your opinion but I am allowed to disagree with it. I leave it all up to you.
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csreynolds  +   951d ago
It's interesting how quick you are to jump on @vallencer (who was neither confrontational nor disrespectful to you) for sharing the fact he likes the game, yet on every N4G DmC article you've commented on recently you feel obliged to tell people not to buy the game because it's sh*t - having NEVER played it by your OWN admission. You're the epitome of hypocrisy.

The demo was not representative of the final product at all. It was a mere taster, a single ingredient from an elaborate, and IMO delicious, recipe. I think this because I HAVE THE FINAL GAME, enjoy it thoroughly, and therefore have grounds for comment. You, on the other hand, are trying to sway people from buying a title you haven't even experienced.

Utterly pathetic.

You don't have to like DmC, or agree with those who do, but watching previews, trailers, clips and playing a very restricted demo does not make you an authority on whether it's good or not, so quit your trolling. As you say, "just let people have their opinions for goodness sake".
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Root  +   951d ago
No....just no
csreynolds  +   951d ago
Thank you for your empty response. You'd have been better off saying nothing at all.
LarVanian  +   953d ago
I'm still going to buy the game eventually, but there is no way in hell (no pun intended) that new Dante is better than old/real Dante in any way.
KING85  +   953d ago
To play the devil's advocate they both are actually fake Dante, but I understand your point.
Unlimax  +   953d ago
"DmC: 5 reasons the new-look Dante rocks"

You mean more than the original one .. Not in a million years .
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360ICE  +   953d ago
Not, really no.
"we feel that he stands shoulder-to-shoulder with his Capcom stable mate, and has plenty of merits of his own"

I like the old Dante as much as the next guy, and probably a little better than I like the new guy. But I can't deny, new Dante is one sexy demon.
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Sameh  +   953d ago
All versions of Dante (and every other Devil May Cry character ever) suck. I play Devil May Cry for its fast-paced gameplay and action, not for its masterful character development and insightful story. If you want good characters, go watch a movie, or a good TV show, or read a book. Action video games aren't the medium for that.
VsAssassin  +   953d ago
Right, but the article is comparing the old and new Dante, so people make comments on this matter. So my comment on this is: "Yeah, the old Dante was playful and naturally goofy and cool. The new one is like a Justin Bieber clone who's trying to look and appear mature and cool by swearing a lot and stuff like that.

But yeah, I'd read a book if I want great character development. But I'll check the old and new Dante to compare their character and characteristics.
N4GDgAPc  +   953d ago
I think its funny how people think the new Dante is trying to be cool when swearing. Its like you guys never heard swear words before. If you actually play the game u can tell he never tries to be cool. He just being himself.

Its like your back to kindergarden and you here the f word and you cover your ears and tell on them because they said a swear word.
Dropdeadll  +   953d ago
I found the old Dante "cheesy". Haven't played this1 though.
iweiooisdhf   953d ago | Spam
elda  +   953d ago
I really like the new DmC,the gameplay,design & this young Dante for this reboot.I like old Dante also.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   953d ago
The way some of u people act I'm beginning to wonder if yall are secretly on the DL. I mean do you people hear yourselves? Arguing over which Donte is cooler? Or his hair color? Lol wow I hope nobody in ur fam or a girlfriend ever sees those post. Both Donate's are corny but this new DMC is a good game.
shahrukh339  +   953d ago
I have head it with the old dante and the new dante and which DMC is better and which not...

The Meta Critic CRITICS rating prove eery thing... The second best Devil May Cry EVER.. People DEAl WITH IT!!! Capcom cannot pay EACH AND EVERY REVIEWER on the earth and even ME lolxx NEW DMC rocks as a game finished it loved it and waiting for the vergil DMC!!
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