PS4 and Xbox 720 Unveiled: Dev Spills the Beans on Reddit


"The motherload has finally arrived.

A developer choosing to remain anonymous for obvious reasons has spilled the beans on Reddit, giving juicy details about what to expect from the next gen systems.

Buckle up, because it’s fascinating."

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psychof0x2156d ago

Prediction: Sony makes it out first. But still not until 2014.

PLASTICA-MAN2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

I don't know if you are following Neogaf, but things are boiling there: someone pretending to not know anything about tech has spilled so many secret sauces regarding the Orbis:

- It will have 3 pools of RAM: GDDR5 + XDR + DDR3
- It will have 3 chips: AMD chip + THE CELL + SCC (Super Companion Chip) and each RAM is dedicated to its followinf CPU.

It surely contradicts everything speculated until now. If true, the PS4 will be either an unbeatable monster and/or a clusterf**k to develop for.
He knows too much for a non tech guy. He just joined Neogaf to stir this blizzard. I thinks he is a disguised Sony agent. What do you think ?

GribbleGrunger2156d ago

If that's true then Developers are sure to concentrate on the AMD chip and never use the Cell chip for much. This would leave 1st party with an advantage again! BC confirmed if true though, which is a good thing.

gaminoz2156d ago

All this is very interesting, but it's going to come down to what devs can get out of the machines. It's about the games. The Vita is an awesome bit of tech, but is lacking the titles to make it a success (at this stage)...and yes I have one.

blitz06232156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

"This would allow Microsoft to have Kinect 2.0, and the PS4 to truly be a workhorse. It should also be pointed out that Sony is investing a lot in the system’s GPU compared to that of Microsoft."

Looks like I know which console to look more forward to

zebramocha2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Those ram types have to be bs,sense gddr5 and xdr are very fast,one should be sufficient.

TheGamerDood2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

neogaf were quick to call BS on both rumors. I'll stick to the VG247 and DF until something else comes out.

One of the few gaf users with actual insider info that I trust.

"thuway: WTF is this shit. Do you understand economies of scale? The very idea that Sony is sourcing three vendors for three types of RAM would make this probably the most ill-engineered worthless POS. You need new friends."

your link but with users replies

gaf's reactions to info from the link above

Rainstorm812156d ago

@ gribble

I agree maybe the cell chip is there just for backwards compatibility

kneon2156d ago

If this is true then I expect the SCC may in fact be the cell processor they are referring to.

Perhaps the same as in the PS3 or maybe one with a single PPU and more SPUs to add some extra grunt for calculations for stuff like better physics. I don't see the need to add more PPUs since there is already a good general purpose CPU in the box.

Hydrolex2156d ago

You are wrong son ! Both consoles coming out late 2013...

ABizzel12156d ago

Actually this rumor is nearly identical to what Eurogamer posted a day or 2 ago.

Ports: This is without a doubt the future of gaming. PC will be the standard from now on, or at least until specs. finally stagnate again. PC will do Ultra, PS4 and Xbox 1080 will do Mid - High settings, and Wii-U low settings.

CPU: "Having more cores is an advantage since you can shut off the ones you aren’t using."

Eurogamer state that the PS4 and Xbox 1080 are using 8-core Jaguar processors. So check that off.

GPU: "At this point of the post, the user is very disappointed in the hardware of the systems. The graphical power would be very similar to that of an HD 7850."

Eurogamer states it's likely that Sony's using a 7970M which sits between the 7850 and 7870, however, it's suppose to use 2 less CU's and under-clocked by 50MHz, which could put it on par with the 7850. That or they're going with AMD 7950M which has been low on production lately.

RAM: "Supposedly, Microsoft is opting for slower RAM but more of it, while Sony is going for faster RAM but less of it."

Ties in perfectly with the rumor that MS is using 8GB of DDR3 (5GB for games 3GB for OS), while Sony is using 4GB of GDDR5 (3.5GB for games 5125MB for OS).

Eurogamer's rumors are stating to look more true. If so, then the next gen consoles will be a nice step up, and console-only gamers will finally be able to see what PC gamers have been clamoring on about for the last couple of years.

morganfell2156d ago


I've said the same thing many times myself last year.

The despite people were sure that the 720 would be announced.

EvilDead360 swore upon his soul to the heavens such news would be forthcoming at E3:

Mark Rein had stated Unreal 4 would be a launch engine for the next gen consoles and in the same briefing stated that we wouldn't see Unreal 4 until 2014. Deduction Mr. Holmes? While it is possible for the production schedule to have jumped drastically and a console make it out late this year I still hold with the likelihood that 2014 will be the year for the next PS and Xbox.

mamotte2156d ago

...and it will only cost you...

TemplarDante2156d ago

Well.. obviously, if he sticks around there a bit, he isnt trolling..
I do remember a patent filed for PS2 emulation via the cell. The setup may be possible.. as when hackers used the "exploit" to hack the PS3, they admitted they could never break in through the front door (cell spu dedicated to security).
The GPU having access to the full set of ram.. also plausible.
I dont know what to believe anymore.
Sony. Microsoft. Announce it already!!!

DOMination-2155d ago

Sony had split ram this gen and the conclusion generally was that it sucked. No way they'd do that again.

EVILDEAD3602155d ago

@ Morganfell

'EvilDead360 swore upon his soul to the heavens such news would be forthcoming at E3:

Let's put up my quote and see if I was REALLY that wrong

I wrote..

'It is January 2012..the Next box will launch November the math that is still almost 2 years from launch at this point and a year and a half AFTER this years E3.

Micrsoft will NOT miss holiday 2013 just to launch for holiday 2014, it literally makes no sense. That would push them to almost 3 years from now. The 360 WILL be almost 10 years and Sony will then have the luxury of launching head to head'

And look what actually happpened

Micrsoft didn't choose to do the 2 traditional 2 E3 announcement and we saw how it backfired on the Wii-U.

They INSTEAD announced it backstage at E3, showed off their final holiday games for the 360 and chose to announce and RELEASE it in 2013 exactly what my prediction said in the first place.


DeadlyFire2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

Basically The Cell runs the OS and the core functions of the console as well as last two/three generations of games? The games and all are developed entirely on AMD APU. Even if it were say Cell 2.0 or 1.0 it could do this. Likely possible.

A 2ndary GPU I suspect though as well as the Cell+APU combo. Unless say this Cell design chip scaled up with a 2nd generation design, but even then I wouldn't consider it all that powerful without a 2ndary GPU to boast it up past 1-2 Tflops. Real 4K is not possible on less that 3-4 Tflops. I know 4K gaming is absurd, but if they are aiming for that next gen they need to bring enough hardware to put out 30 fps on 4K resolutions.

Likely APU + Cell/GPU 2 on two different SoCs and then SCC chip as well. Say APU = 1.84 Tflops. Current Cell = .200 Tflops + .992 Tflops = 3.03 Tflops? Just another guess. Perhaps a 2nd generation Cell chip with .400 Tflops? That would equal about 3.232 Tflops if so. Still guesses, but I expect more than AMD 7850 performance. If they don't wow me. I am buying a new gaming PC to play for the next 10 years.

Like Nintendo continuing Broadway design. I suspect Sony might have a piece of Cell design in PS4. Still just rumor though until words are final. I suspect a hundred new rumors from now until E3 are coming.

Diver2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

evil360 now you're jus trying yo save face and bud it ain't working. you said "mark my words" it would be announced in 2012. do you really want people like me exposing you? do you want me to go back and dig up all the other posts you made around that time because you will embarrassed. right after e3 you wouldn't come near any threads cause morg reminded you. amazing you have the nerve to make claims when we can all look up what you said so if you want me to start digging then you just keep talking.

btw I notice you stopped trash talking about 360 beating the ps3. want me to dog up some of those posts too?

how about kinect changing theway we game?

you are one of 5 people on this board so afraid of Sony you have to spend most of your posts attacking them or trying to downplay the. you spend another 40% defending ms and then the last 5% on non related stuff.

EVILDEAD3602155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

'evil360 now you're jus trying yo save face and bud it ain't working. you said "mark my words" it would be announced in 2012. do you really want people like me exposing you?'

LOL..Exposing who? I know exactly what I wrote and reposted it. Why? Because that's what I thought they would do 378 days ago. And at the end of the day, they STILL showed the 720 behind closed doors and a STILL releasing it THIS year, like I said.

GTFOH..I love the hypocrites who only defend Sony, and try to call out others because they don't like the fact when they arent trolling MS like others daily. Yup we get it.

I laugh when these random accounts with 200 posts in 4 years that mysteriously come out of the blue and umm you know the rest..


greenpowerz2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )


Any rumor talking about Kinect when it come to the 720 and not much else proves the rumor not true.

I can't believe the writer of this article would dare make those claims as if fact, based on theories made up of pieces of many rumors.

The writer is guessing that MSFT sort of neglected the gaming capability of the 720 in favor apps/kinect. Everything said was based on current talking points.

MSFT is making a hybrid Home theater PC media platform. It will have MSFT's full funding behind it.
The subsidized payment plan MSFT test ran last year and no offical price drops tells you all you need to know about the 720's prowess.

I call BS. MSFT has always valued the GPU over everything else. KInect isn't what would be talked/leaked about in spec/capabilites. 720 is a multi media platform! the GPU would be the exciting thing to leak not KInect. That's how you know this is fake.

Diver2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

and evil I love when these people live at n4g cause they got no other life so when people don't spend their lifeposting here like they do instead of interacting with real live people then these closet dwellers assume...well YOU know the rest dude.

all you did last year was swear how the 360 was gonna be announced at e3. now you trying to back peddle and say you called announce in 2013. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! what a joke.

an though you patted uncharted3 on the back only one or two peeps on n4g spend more time attacking the ps3 than you.

do you really not realize the way you are an the way ever one here sees you? the 360 an ms are always perfect an sony outside of uncharted always fails. some view for a guy that thinks living on this board is the ultimate achievement unlocked.

try life once in while dude.

EVILDEAD3602155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

LOL @ Diver..

I love when my posts got these random profiles from hypocrites who clearly defend the PS3 on post after post, but try to call out others because they can't stand MS.

I could care less how many Sony goggled profiles like yourself see me. I'm gaming fan period. If you honestly think that I or anyone on a gaming forum doesnt have a life because they love this hobby then you are delusional.

Here is the facts, if I was in every article trolling the PS3, I wouldnt have bubbles period.

I own EVERY console this gen, and just because I'm a fan of gaming on my 360 doesnt mean I hate my PS3 or have EVER believed MS or the 360 is perfect.

But, it is a FACT that you don't see me jumping in every other PS3 article trolling and attacking the PS3, because that's simply idiotic to bash the system that I support in REAL LIFE outside of the internet.

Again, MS didn't show the new system at E3 (and leading up to and afterward we all could see it was the best decision they ever could make).

But, the news at the SAME E3 was they showed it off to developers in a closed door session. Again my prediction ALL ALONG as that the new system would launch in 2013. But, who knows if MS even wants to launch then. So I could be WRONG on that part of my prediction as well.

But we all know the system will be shown at E3 and they sound pretty happy with what they plan on showing.


Diver2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

nice to see you are still ducking the issues.


that was the sound of me bursting your bubble. you do attack the ps3 an constantly. an you shouldn't talk about defending something cause it makes you look like a hypocrite. ms does no wrong ever in your book. some of your kinect defense diatribes would be downright funny if they weren't so pathetic an desperate.

sales comments by you were also a.augh mr.3rd place supporter. anytime someone mentioned it here you came on your npd pony with your cap guns popping off left an right.

news flash: owning all consoles doesn't make you anymore objective than havinga pair of testicles makes you a man. thinking so is pretty shallow. you think owning a ps3 gives you a license to trash it an be considered right. it doesn't, you aren't, an you can keep living in a world where people like you but imaginy friend dependence is a sign of mental instability.

fact is you flogged people.over last years e3 announcement an you can't admit it. you just want to make counter accusations. you don't think objectively about announcements an that's why you are wrong. you pick the scenario that is best for ms an that's why you fail.

even when it defies logic, facts, an business sense you will say anything to help ms. the truth you can't see this shows how much you'll do anything for redwood.

EVILDEAD3602155d ago

@ Diver

What What?

Yup your EXACTLY what I thought you were from the beginning.

Keep the goggles on and fight the cause.

No need to waste time going back and forth after that doozy.



Diver2155d ago

hahahaha! me? goggles? are you even aware of your post history an how much time you spent attacking sony?

no of course not. its why you can't see what everyone else sees about your post history. I support sony but I don't sit in one 360 article after another attacking ms. im for gaming not against a company at every turn to support another company.

Outside_ofthe_Box2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

***"GTFOH..I love the hypocrites who only defend Sony"***


What's wrong with only defending Sony? You do realize that you only defend MS right? Am I allowed to call you a hypocrite and all sorts of other names?

Defending Sony? NAY!
Defending MS? YAY!

lol wow... smh @ some people on here.

EVILDEAD3602153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

@ Outside


'***"GTFOH..I love the hypocrites who only defend Sony"***

What's wrong with only defending Sony? You do realize that you only defend MS right? Am I allowed to call you a hypocrite and all sorts of other names? '

LMAO @ you literally omitting the rest of the sentence JUST to spin into a rant.

Here I'll help..

'GTFOH..I love the hypocrites who only defend Sony, AND try to call out others because they don't like the fact when they arent trolling MS like others daily'

I can care less what ANY of you defend or even play, but when people come on here and clearly defend Sony at all times then why the hypocrisy of trying and failing to call out others for what you percieve is doing exactly what YOU are doing?

So if what I'm doing is eating any of you on here alive, then I'm clearly doing something right.

So while all 2 of you bicker over this, I'll keep it moving.


Diver2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

here is what is beyond evils mental reach.

there is a canyon wide difference between defending a company (which he does and I do) and attacking a company which he does more than he defends ms. simple but hes just missing (pretending in his room) that he ain't doing jus that thing.

also to you evil you're not eating anyone alive. "im not hurting you am i" the humming bird asked the elephant.

dude there's a big difference between eating someone alive and jus constantly anoying them. you are more like a rock in a shoe or that annoying orange video on YouTube but stuck in a loop.

and dont try to get all superior an act like you aren't part of the 'bickering'. you waited and saved that last comment bubble an tried to sneak back for the last word. thas the actions of someone that feels like they're being devoured.

if i had your post history id feel the same.

Outside_ofthe_Box2153d ago

***"I can care less what ANY of you defend or even play, but when people come on here and clearly defend Sony at all times then why the hypocrisy of trying and failing to call out others for what you percieve is doing exactly what YOU are doing?"***

Can I ask you the same question? I recall you trying to point out the "hypocrisy" of N4G several times, but failing to point out any INDIVIDUAL that actually had the "complete opposite reaction" when similar articles for each console were posted on N4G, but instead you resort to generalizing because can't point out any specific individual. The article about the former MS and Sony employees come to mind.

So I ask you, what is good with all the hypocrisy of trying and failing to call out others(in your case N4g) for what you percieve is doing exactly what YOU are doing?

Have a good day sir.

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pain777pas2155d ago

This seems to be what I thought. However, I think that the pool will be a little different. There will 1gig XDR and 4 gigs GDDR5. There will be a cell processor that will be always incorporated in all PS4 units. The amount of ram will decrease and BC will end once the console is established and redesigned. PS Home will always run in the background using the RSX GPU incorporated with the Cell. This will allow for some unique PS Home experiences with friends. The PS Store and trophies and everything will be accessed from your room in PS Home. MS will have a lot of streamed community services like complete Skype integration through out the console. This means that friends can join up see each other and play games across the world. This will be revolutionary in multiplayer, streaming and competitive gaming. This will also be linked to every service like HBO, Netflix etc and you will never need to close a skype call you con kinect at all times. Also I would gather that voice recognition will be used heavily to the point of turning on any paired devices with the Xbox by voice alone. Smart glass will be ready at launch and fully encouraged and requested to be implemented by MS to devs. The bottom line is whether you trust MS in your living room or you just want a gaming device that can technically do what Xbox can do in PS home but with more people. So you will have the Netflix theatre or the Crackle theatre in PS home but you will not see the actual face of the person only there avatar. Whereas MS will allow for people to really connect. There are philosophies here. So yeah... get hype.

DeadlyFire2155d ago

Well why RSX GPU? Any GPU from AMD could do what RSX could do 8 years ago now. You know this right? All they would need is to incorporate PS3 API into the new GPU along with the Cell somewhere in the system.

Even a 2nd generation Cell would work as it could scales its cores and SPEs or whatever they will be called for its applications. Likely they will go with a mid range GPU. As patent they filled states use of 2 CPUs and 2 GPUs with some offload onto CPU when necessary as well.

ALLWRONG2155d ago

You will not see next gen specs until MS and Sony release them. This is all rumor and speculation, or lies and BS depending on how you look at it. If there is even a nugget of truth to be found, it will most likely be based on dev kit specs. Dev kit specs are pointless if you're a gamer.

wsoutlaw872155d ago

with all the people sony has that knows about the ps4 and all the devs they have to tell so they can make launch titles and the os and apps, you actually think that information cant get out. Most of the stuff sony does gets leaked. was the psv any sort of surprise.

2155d ago
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Proeliator2156d ago

Hmm... seems fair enough.

I'm sure N4G will love that the PS4 is the most powerful.

Root2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

I think all gamers would love that the PS4 is the most's Sony it's what they do.

All gamers will enjoy what the PS4 will have to offer if it's true

MaxXAttaxX2156d ago

N4G? The site with the most Sony hate?

Conzul2156d ago

Oh please. It's the articles that hate, the users who hate back. It's the cycle of giving people what they want most: Something to bitch about...

MaxXAttaxX2156d ago

If this site was Sony fanboy controlled like people like to pretend it is, we wouldn't have an overwhelmingly larger amount of hate articles posted in the first place.

TheRealSpy2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

The most sony hate? there's the hypocritical statement of the day.

If i may direct your attention just a few comments after this one by an idiot named "poops_on_xbox" and all the agrees he has for trolling simply because his asinine statement is xbox hate.

MaxXAttaxX2156d ago

How is it hypocritical??
I never even stated that there weren't any Sony fanboys who do the same.

ShinMaster2156d ago

Well that's the aftermath of 2006-2007. You've been around then, haven't you?

DOMination-2155d ago

The Sony hate articles get popular because of the big Sony community here that's true.

Just look at the popularity between the two articles about how ps3 and 360 git things right/wrong this gen. The 360 one is hidden on page three filled with trolls whilst the ps3 one was second highest with fanboys moaning despite it being very fair and having an box equivalent.

The agrees/disagrees will tell you. For me its not a problem but its annoying when people deny it.

RuperttheBear2155d ago


'Well that's the aftermath of 2006-2007. You've been around then, haven't you? '

It makes me laugh when I see people like you going on about the 'old days'. You act as if it was like Vietnam or something.

ShinMaster2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

Your point?
That's what's happened. Can't handle it?

MaxXAttaxX2155d ago

I'm not talking about just popularity. But the frequency and amount of articles being posted.

RuperttheBear2155d ago


I was just mocking you for caring so much about pointless n4g console war history, and making it out to be something important. The fact that you, and others, still have a chip on your shoulder about such trivial things amuses me.

ShinMaster2155d ago

No chip on my shoulder, personally. I'm just pointing out why it happens.

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Moentjers2155d ago

@Proeliator, You've only been here since 2010 ? Should have been here when 360 came out... Sony's doooooomed, Sony will never catch up, PS3 sales won't reach 10 million, PS3 is not powerfull enough, Dev's can't develop for that difficult PS3 ! Oh yes, and then came RROD, should have been here also.

Hooshuwashu2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

this will make everyone hate me, but as the guy suggests, everything is going to be similar; we'll finally have more equal tech games across the board (i.e. no more shoddy ports like with the PS3) so for once, it may not matter which system you buy

majiebeast2156d ago

Except for the exclusives.

Proeliator2156d ago

Very true. Obviously they'll always exist, but I think this gen we'll only have a very small amount of exclusives. Games are just costing so much to make, it doesn't pay to be exclusive going forward. Obviously for some things like Halo or Last of Us. But the point remains

Hoje03082156d ago

"very small amount of exclusives"
If you're talking about third party, then I agree. However, Sony will continue to pump out exclusives throughout the PS4's life cycle, just as they have with the PS3. It's these exclusives that ensure I'll always buy a new Playstation, the only question is what I'll put next to it. Next gen, I'm thinking a Steam Box will look quite nice, especially with HL3 sitting inside of it.

GuyManDude2156d ago

Exactly. If I didn't buy a PS3 I wouldn't have been able to play and enjoy:

Metal Gear Solid 4
Ratchet & Clank
Heavy Rain
God of War
MLB The Show (I love baseball)
Gran Turismo

And the soon to come Sly 4, The Last of Us, and Beyond: Two Souls. By May 8, these 14 IPs (minus Beyond) will make up 31 of my 60 PS3 games. 32 once Beyond comes out. Take out the Sly and Ratchet collections and that's 30 new games I couldn't have played on any other console.

Half of my 60 game PS3 collection will be exclusives.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

and free multiplayer and long term console support.

MS actually announced this.

4 days later I see awsome God of war trailer. Just depends on what you want and who the company is focused on.

I will be going with ps4.

I am not really prepared to buy a next gen console but if it's a beast I wouldn't mind paying it off for $20 a month. But that's just me. I would like to see a full price and pay monthly options at launch. That would maximize the amount of buyers. People who just went to the store for toilet paper my just come back with toilet paper and a next gen console.

@Landshark below

Lol your profile says
"I develop software and play lots of games. I have also worked at Xbox Live and Microsoft for the past 6+ years. "

biased much?

MasterCornholio2155d ago

And the online service plus controller preference will matter a lot next gen.

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imdaboss12156d ago

Its all about exclusive games and Sony got it..THe PS4 will no doubt have the best first party exclusive games..Just look at the PS3..

imdaboss12156d ago

you forgot white knigh and twisted metal for the PS3

Biphter2155d ago

It makes me wonder, if they are so similar, then it would make our lives as gamers easier if Sony and MS just became best buds and brought out one Console. Then all this exclusive game crap would end. Never happen like, but one can wish.

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2156d ago Replies(2)
Hooshuwashu2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )


I'm sorry, but your username cracks me up